6 Signs Your Partner’s Attraction Towards You Is Purely Physical

You must know that there is a very fine line between love and lust. And sometimes, you will fail to notice the difference between lust and love because of just how similar these sensations might feel.

But the truth is that these are very different feelings altogether. Love is something that you use to build an entire relationship around. However, lust is superficial and it isn’t something that you can really use to build a foundation of a sustainable relationship on.

That is why you always want to make sure that your partner is in a relationship with you because they love you and not just because they lust after you.

There is no denying that physical intimacy is always going to play a big role in relationships. However, it shouldn’t be everything. At first, you might be drawn to be physically attracted to each other.

But if you’re looking to really build your relationship into something real and stable, then you need to have a connection that transcends the merely physical.

You need to have a bond that is more than just physical attraction. You need to have strong and intimate emotional connections with your partner as well if you’re genuinely interested in true love. Otherwise, you would be nothing more than just a couple of people who are hooking up.

But how can you tell? How do you know if your partner truly loves you or if they might just be lusting after you? Keep in mind that just because a man says he loves you doesn’t mean that that’s the case.

He might even think that he really loves you but he also might just be confusing it with lust himself. It’s more important that you concern yourself with how he conducts himself whenever he’s around you more than the words that he says.

You never want to be made a fool out of after all. And you definitely don’t want to be wasting your time and energy on a relationship that is built on false pretenses. You don’t want to be falling in love with a man who is only lusting after you.

That is why if you discover that a lot of the items listed here are actually applicable in your relationship, then you need to make a move. You can choose to confront him about it and give him a chance to get deeper with you emotionally.

You can also choose to just walk away from the relationship entirely. Whatever the case, just own up to your decision because you can’t be so tolerant of just keeping everything the same.

Here are a few signs that his attraction towards you is purely physical.

1. He forces you to give him “pleasure” even when you’re not in the mood.

This is blatant proof that he merely sees you as a tool or object for his pleasure. He doesn’t really respect your boundaries or your individuality. He forces you into doing sexual favors for him.

2. He has a history of just not committing to the women he dates.

He already has a reputation of not committing to the people he gets into “relationships” with. If he has that kind of relationship history, then chances are that he’s going to be the same when he’s in a relationship with you.

3. He only ever seems capable of talking about sex and nothing else.

You feel like there is a serious flaw in your communication game. You have a partner who is virtually incapable of talking about anything that doesn’t concern sexual innuendo. He is always trying to be sexually suggestive towards you. And those are essentially the only kinds of conversations that you are capable of having as a couple.

4. He feels uncomfortable to talk about his feelings.

She shows a general reluctance to discuss his feelings. This is just way too real for him. He wouldn’t really want to talk about such deep matters with you because he is only capable of the shallow and the superficial – in other words, sex.

5. He seems to only ever show up whenever he knows that sex is involved.

Whenever you try to make plans with him, he always has an excuse. It’s as if he’s virtually unavailable to all of your ideas. But when you try to imply that sex is going to be involved, he suddenly has a lot of free time. He will not hesitate to get physically intimate with you.

6. He only ever wants to be alone with you.

He never wants to take you out. He’s not interested in hanging out with your friends and family. He doesn’t really like to go to public places with you. He’s mostly just interested in staying at home with you where the two of you can be alone and intimate. Otherwise, he isn’t really interested in spending time with you at all.

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