6 Subtle Things Women Do Which Men Find Irresistible

There are so many relationship articles just scouring the internet that emphasize the importance of having strong communication skills in any kind of romance. In order for two people in love to be happy, it’s absolutely essential that they are able to discuss their needs, expectations, and issues with one another in a timely and honest manner. You should never be made to feel like you aren’t allowed to discuss the things that are plaguing your mind – especially when these issues directly concern your relationship as a whole.

You should always feel safe enough to express yourself in your relationship because that’s the only way you and your partner are ever going to be able to see eye to eye with one another. When you communicate, you are building a trust and connection with each other. However, what a lot of couples don’t realize is that communication doesn’t always have to be done verbally. There is another form of communication that is just as effective – a physical one. Body language can be very revealing so as long as you know how to read a person’s subtle gestures and moves.

You are capable of sending all sorts of messages to your significant other without even having to utter a single world. You can make use of subtle moves, touches, gestures, and facial expressions to convey a message that is loud and clear. It’s often said that men are typically the ones who make moves in a relationship, but women can be just as aggressive and forward than men when it comes to dating. Just because you are a lady doesn’t mean that you need to be taking a backseat to your own love life. You can be taking a very active role in trying to seduce a man.

It’s just important that you do so in a subtle and classy manner so that you don’t end up driving him away. You don’t want to be coming off as overly aggressive or anything like that. And this is where having some non-verbal communication tools ready can come in handy. If you’re curious as to how you can make yourself irresistible without being too forward or vulgar about it, then you have come to the right place. Highlighted below will be 6 body language moves that you can try to pull off to make yourself more attractive.

1. Having lips that are slightly parted.

When a guy is interested in you, he isn’t going to help but take notice of your lips. Men typically like lips that are full and luscious – but you can highlight your lips with your makeup. You can even amplify that effect by slightly parting your lips – to make it seem as if you’re thirsting or craving for something. It’s a very charming and enchanting effect.

2. Having her body tilt towards her man.

It’s the closing of the distance. It’s the physical act of getting closer and closer to him. The more that you lean into him; or the more that you tilt your body towards his, you are essentially bridging the gap between the two of you. It’s going to make him feel like you have an affinity for him; and that’s going to further enhance his interest in you.

3. Crossing her legs while she’s sitting down.

It’s no secret that men consider a woman’s legs to be one of her most attractive and seductive body parts. And so if you make it a point to really highlight and accentuate your legs when you’re sitting down by crossing them up, he’s going to find it really irresistible. You can even amplify the effect that this gesture has on him by facing him and pointing your body towards his as you’re doing it.

4. Playing with her hair.

Men love women’s hair. It’s also another body part that men typically find very sexy and attractive. Men especially love it when a woman’s hair is long and luscious. That’s why it’s going to drive a man’s hormones absolutely wild whenever he’s going to see a girl play with her hair in a very casual and effortlessly seductive manner.

5. Suggestively stroking an exposed body part in front of him.

It’s very suggestive. It’s very subtle – but it’s also extremely effective. The very fact that you’re already exposing a body part is one thing. But when you rub on that exposed piece of skin, it’s going to really grind his loins. There’s just something inherently sensual about putting skin to skin. It’s very simple and unobtrusive; but it’s certainly going to be noticed.

6. “Accidentally” touching a man unexpectedly.

This last tip is probably one of the most effective ones. If putting your skin against your own skin is seductive, imagine the kind of effect of actually coming into contact with him. And do it in a very subtle and “accidental” way so that it doesn’t seem like you’re being forward. It’s going to drive him really nuts.

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