10 Men Reveal Why Their Relationships Went Downhill

Why do relationships have to fail? Well, these 10 men tell us about their tales.

A lot of us have already seen it happen all too often in our lives. The seemingly perfect couple who just looks destined to stay together forever just breaks up – and it leaves a lot of us in a state of shock whenever it happens. But hey, it does happens.

And that’s always the scariest aspect of relationships, really. It’s when two people get together and everything seems great – but then, things take a turn for the worse and it’s all just downhill from there. And it’s a different thing when you’re watching this relationship disintegrate from the outside.

On the outside, everything just looks perfectly fine and normal. But on the inside, everything is just falling apart. And it’s always the people in the relationships who know their relationships best.

It’s all very unfortunate whenever a relationship has to end – but that’s just the sad reality for a lot of couples. And the sooner that people can come to terms with that fact, the better. It also helps to know certain triggers that could lead to the potential demise of a relationship. Here are 12 revelations from real men about how and why their relationships started to fall apart.

“My wife’s mother just took up too much space in our lives together.” – Mark, 30

When I married her, didn’t expect that I would be marrying her mother too. I understand wanting to take care of one’s parents. But I just couldn’t cope with the stress of having to support two women in the household. I couldn’t see myself living that kind of lifestyle for a prolonged period.

“I ended up having to carry the financial burden of her family as well.” – Jason, 43

I understood that when I got together with her, I would have to take on whatever financial burdens that she had as well. I just didn’t know that I had to be the one who would be putting her siblings through school and paying off their debts as well. I wasn’t ready for that and I never would have consented to it had I known.

“She just spent more time looking at her phone than at me during our dates.” – Axel, 26

She was obsessed with her phone. And I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I was so tired of just staring at the back of her phone during dates. I felt like I deserved her undivided attention, and she never gave it to me.

“She just couldn’t stop flirting with other guys; even though she never followed up on any of them.” – John, 31

I don’t care that she never intended on getting serious with any of them. I just didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t sop herself from flirting with them to begin with.

“I always felt like she was judging my every action and thought. She never made me feel accepted.” – Francis, 29

I didn’t want to have to bear with feeling judged in my own relationship. I needed to be with a girl who would care for me – a girl who could really be there for me regardless of my imperfections. And she just wasn’t that girl.

“She always ran away from arguments instead of having the courage to fight with me.” – John, 32

I hated how she was never mature enough to deal with conflicts and disagreements. She was the kind of girl who was always so keen to just sweep things under the rug. And I wasn’t that kind of guy. I could never be that kind of guy. She refused to face our problems and so none of them ever ended up getting solved.

“I felt suffocated. She was always too needy and she never gave me the space and independence that I needed.” – Anton, 29

I needed to be my own man and she never gave me that chance. She was too needy. She was to codependent. And I just couldn’t have that. I couldn’t deal with ALL of her baggage when she refused to carry her own weight a lot.

“Having kids together is what broke us apart. We just became too focused on being parents, we forgot how to be good partners.” – Hugh, 45

For a lot of couples, having children can bring them closer together. But in our case, it’s ultimately what drove the both of us apart.

“She just couldn’t meet my sexual needs and expectations.” – Miguel, 26

I know that sex shouldn’t be the defining factor of a relationship. I know that it shouldn’t serve as the foundation for two people to get together. But really, I just couldn’t stay with her. I loved other facets of her, but she just wasn’t giving me what I needed on a sexual level.

“She always expected me to pay for everything; and I was starting to bleed cash because of her.” – Jay, 27

This is important to note: Just because two people get together doesn’t mean that one gets to use the other as some kind of piggy bank or ATM. Well, that was exactly what she did to me. And I wasn’t having it. Not to say that I expected her to cough up more cash than she could afford to. But she could have done her part in trying to meet me halfway with the expenses.

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