6 Things Your Man Secretly Hopes You Tell Him

We often come across women saying they have certain particular, clear, uncompromisable and unchangeable standards and if their partner is unable to meet them, they’d rather move on, and find someone who can give them what they deserve. It is entirely reasonable to have a set of standards of what you think is right for you.

A woman knows what she deserves and should be treated accordingly. A man cannot be in a relationship with her and mistreat her like she has no say in anything. On the other hand, women should not forget that it is their responsibility to treat their partners with respect and take care of happiness and satisfaction. You cannot keep on asking for everything only to give nothing in return.

Women should be mindful of their partner’s wants and needs. This is, overall, a difficult task. Men are usually not very vocal about their sentiments. They do not express themselves openly very often and find it difficult to speak about their wishes and desires. Women typically have to play the detective in decoding their companion’s mood, want, and needs. It is essential to understand that men are more vulnerable than women. They find it difficult to let their partner know their feelings. They don’t want to come as vulnerable in front of their partners.

Therefore they choose to often stay mum about it. They don’t ask for anything because they are afraid to be portrayed as needy or too dependent. Men are fragile too, but their stubborn nature will not let them admit it, at least nit very easily. It’s a woman’s responsibility to comprehend the needs and wants of their partner. Treat them like how she would want to be treated. Men, too, deserve to be pampered sometimes.

It is rightly said that communication is the key to a healthy relationship. A relationship where both partners talk about their issues and discuss everything, stick together for a longer time than those who don’t communicate efficiently. There are always some things which are to be understood even when your guy is not vocal about it.

A man, sometimes, wants you to be cheesy with him, sometimes, after having a bad day, he will want you to console them. He will not ask for all of this, but you have to be smart and sensitive to know when to speak those words that he wants to hear, words that will make him feel better. Below are some things that should be said to a man. If you are already saying these things often then you already fit in the good books.

1. How are you?

Men don’t open up about their problems quickly. Sometimes you have to force them a little, with love, to make them feel comfortable and give them space to talk about their day or problems. A little nudging can be positive and healthy sometimes. Women often need to remind their companions that it is okay to put your thoughts on the table, you will understand and support them. They are not alone when they have you as their life partner.

2. I feel so safe whenever I am with you

For a man, nothing is better than knowing that his girlfriend or wife feels protected and safe when they are with them. There is nothing that they can’t go through when they have their boyfriends/husbands supporting them. A man feels accomplished when he gets to know that, even though his partner is independent, she will still nee his support and care.

3. I believe in you

Once in a while when your partner is feeling low and is having tough times at work, you should let him know that no matter what the circumstances are you believe in him. He will love the support offered b you. These words will soothe him and motivate him to fight against all the odds. He should know that his ladylove will believe in him despite his shortcomings and imperfections.

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