6 Things You’re Doing Because Of Your High Functioning Anxiety And You Don’t Even Know It

The general public is unaware of the intricacies of functioning anxiety. Most individuals may never know what it is or how it differs from regular anxiety. And that is the reason why people don’t understand that you are suffering from, what a day in your shoes is like. It can be quite difficult to face such a situation every single day of your life. We get it, sure we might not know how bad it can get for you but we do understand the power it must take for you to battle it every day. Therefore, we are here to offer as much help as we can. Here, we are going to be discussing six signs that you or someone you might know may be facing functioning anxiety. The first step is always to understand what you or others are dealing with, hence this article.

1. Looks can be deceiving

Just because a person looks completely calm, that doesn’t mean that the situation isn’t getting to them. This is the classic, “don’t judge the book” case. We can never be sure how damaged the book really be on the inside. However, here are a few key things to notice if you think that you are having an anxiety episode or a friend. The number one thing that you have to look out for are “aches and pains” in your body. Mental pressure can weight you down in those regards as well, and when you have functioning anxiety, you really have to be on the lookout for pains in the chest. You don’t want all that pressure going to your heart.  Therefore, if you are one that suffers from chest pains you should get that checked.

So that was more of a self-checkup, however, if you since this might be a case with a friend we are pretty sure they won’t tell you unless it becomes a big problem. They can lie, but their body can’t. Keep them under observations and look for clues that might hint that they are having pain in the upper right side of their chest.

2. The always find a way to ghost a crowded situation

If you or a friend of yours has the tendency to leave a social event out of nowhere and for no specific reasons than you might be suffering from functioning anxiety. For someone that has this kind of stress, it’s a “lose, lose” situation for them. When they come, they want to leave immediately because of the fear of making a fool out of themselves, however, if they manage to stay for a few minutes and it’s going great their brain automatically starts to lay down scenarios on how they will mess it up. Thinking that this is probably the best interaction they could have and anything more would just be pushing their luck, they immediately run for the closet.

This sign will be more difficult to realize for one’s self, while on the other hand, you can easily see this trait being displayed by your friend or family member.

3. Embracing self-hate

Now this one will be a bit difficult to spot. But if you are someone close to the other individual or you can objectively look at your thoughts you can confirm if this negative trait is in you or not. All you really need to focus on here is how well do they handle compliments and or false criticism. Mishandling either of the two means that they suffer from this sign. If you compliment someone and they seemed confused more than happy, that’s a clear giveaway. Not taking credit is another one, so if you keep your eyes open to the hints, you will be able to figure it out. And always remember, there is help out there you are not alone.

4. The Anxiety never leaves:

Getting nervous while you are giving a huge speech or playing your first big match is entirely reasonable. Most people are sweating on a first date or when they try to talk to their crush. All of those things are completely normal. But what is not the norm, is when you can’t seem to get away from the anxiety.

5. Found a fault

The only thing you seem to be perfect at is pointing towards all the mistakes you’ve made. And if there are none, you will make some up. Now for you to objectively say that “yes I’m doing this” will take an absurd amount of resolve. Thus we don’t think anyone that suffers from functioning anxiety will be able to do so. Now, what we are about to ask of you is probably the hardest thing you will have to do. You will have to open up to someone you trust and ask them if they see this in you.

6. You don’t allow the weakness to leak out

We have stated that one of the most problematic tasks for an individual that is suffering from functional anxiety is to be weak around others. The fear of ridicule and criticism is so great that you bottle up everything inside and create a façade. A hollow shell that is the representation of the individual you think you need to be. Hence, day in and day out you force yourself and put on a play for everyone to watch. But it is going to burn you out, and if you keep letting yourself slip into the dark, you will fade away.  

Simply put, open out to other people. People that have been with you for long that have stuck by your side. And if you don’t see anyone like that, seek professional help, they will oblige you with the tools to find someone like that from your life.    

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