Signs That Depression Might Be Affecting Your Relationship

Your emotional statues will have a massive strain on your relationships if you are dealing with depression. One of the worst things about depression is the isolation. And that too is going to hurt not only your relationship but the person you are with as well. What happens most of the time is that your lover takes the blame for your depressed nature even if they knew that you were suffering from depression long before you guys met, they see it as a failure on their part to bring joy to your life.

Not only that most of the time your partner will start to neglect their needs just because they feel for you that much. However, in doing so, they see how others are happy, and they are tasked with continually dealing with depression. Now that thought may not come directly to their minds, but they would feel left out whenever they see others from their friend circles having fun with their respective partner.

Depression is a struggle, and we are not saying that it is one that you cannot win from, but you need to accept that you are depressed and that the effects have crept into your love life.

Following are some signs that show your depression destroying your relationship.

1. Your Sex Life Suffers:

Whether people admit it or not sex is a massive part of any relationship. No matter how hard people try, love and lust are not separate. You desire the one you love, and that is understood by all. So when you show a low sex drive, you send a very negative message. We know that when a person is depressed, they can’t help it and what they are feeling can’t be turned off. So if you see that your sex life has gone stale, it is time to get help. Your depression is messing with your relationship, and it is in your hands to save it, get the help you need early.

2. Losing hope:

When you are having a bad day, you will feel like you’re standing at a dead end in life. However, if this sense of dread is constant, then you may be looking at something much serious than a bad day. When you lose hope, you stop putting in effort or fighting for the things you want out of your relationship. And as soon as you do your partner will feel this negative attitude of yours and they will have to deal with a lot of stress because of that.

Any situation no matter how bad has a solution, but if that line of thinking seems impossible, you need to pay a visit to a psychologist.

3. Emotions Are Hurting Your Relationship:

Being emotional and emotionally unstable are two different things. You have to learn which of the two you can be categorized as. You not being able to deal with your emotions will cause the other person to cope for you or be silent and bare your fits.

While it may not be your fault what you have to realize is that it can be very draining for the other individual and in time this will cause significant problems in your relationship. Try not to submit to your overwhelming emotions, observe the situation and see if you are overacting and if need maybe you can opt for help.

4. Anxiety Won’t Go Away:

You can’t exactly call relationships easy. There is a lot of work and understanding that goes into making a healthy relationship between two individuals. With that said, anxiety is bound to come from time to time. However, what you need to ask yourself is, “is it justified?”

Worrying excessively about the future will only add to your already existing problems and make everything a worse. Sleep deprivation, unnecessary isolation, sorrow, emotional imbalance and continuous fighting are some of the things that anxiety will offer you along with a bad mood.

So even if your head is bursting with the thoughts of a bad future take a deep breath and know that whatever happens you and your partner are here, and you two can handle anything together.

All you need to counter most of these symptoms of depression is to keep an open line of communication. Doesn’t matter who it is but don’t ever think that no one cares enough to listen or that your problems don’t matter. Separating yourself from others is the worst possible thing to do in such a situation, especially from someone that loves you as much as your lover does.

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