6 Year-Old Boy Eats Alone After None Of His Friends Show Up For His Birthday Party

It’s probably fair to say that a lot of us dread the idea of not having any friends or visitors at our birthday parties when we choose to celebrate these important life milestones. We always tend to consider birthdays to be big deals. We get older and we want to be able to celebrate another year of life with the people we consider to be closest to our hearts. However, we really fear the idea of having none of them show up to celebrate with us. A few minutes before the party is scheduled to begin, you’re already sweating and wondering about where everyone could be; why no one has shown up just yet. So, you find yourself pacing up and down the room because you aren’t really able to contain the nerves that you’re feeling.

In the photo shared by Sil Mazzini, her son Teddy is sat alone at a table at their local Peter Piper Pizza in Tucson, Arizona, waiting patiently for the guests that never arrived. – Photo by Sil Mazzini

But even when there are a bunch of people who don’t really show up even when we desperately wanted them to, we are still able to find a way to have a good time. We still soldier on because it’s our birthday after all and this day should be special for us. Usually, things turn out just fine. You enjoy the company of the friends who DO show up. You have a good time and you move past it. You know that this is your day and nothing should really be bringing you down.

However, it’s not so easy to move past your birthday party when literally NO ONE shows up. And that’s exactly what happened to this little 6-year-old boy. Sil Mazzini is the mother of a bright and wonderful little boy named Teddy. And as any loving mother would, she decided to celebrate Teddy’s 6th birthday with a fun little pizza party. In anticipation for the party, many slices of pizza and plates were laid out for Teddy’s friends and classmates. However, things wouldn’t turn out exactly as planned. Sil has recently gone viral on the internet for sharing a really sad photo of her son sitting alone at the table at Peter Piper Pizza because none of his friends actually turned up for his birthday party. Teddy was visibly sad and disappointed at the fact that he was celebrating his birthday alone and that none of his friends could be bothered to pay him a visit. Peter Piper Pizza is a local pizza parlor situated in the heart of Tucson, Arizona – and it served to be a place of devastation for a little 6-year-old boy who had his heart broken by his own closest friends. Teddy lay in wait for friends who just never arrived. And that’s something that not a lot of people are able to cope with all too well – most especially not 6-year-old boys.

Mazzini had sent out invitations to 30 of his friends and classmates. His mom had already made all of the preparations for them. She had already set up all of the pizza and the goodie bags for all of the kids who were expected to show up. However, when literally NO ONE came to the party, she chose to snap a quick picture of her son sitting alone at his table with a visible look of disappointment on his face. She sent the picture to a local reporter named Nick Vin Zant, who then proceeded to share the photo on his own personal Facebook page. It didn’t really take that long for the photo to go viral on social media. A lot of people sympathized with the kid and they were so quick to show their support. Mazzini was also quick to send her grateful replies to people who were showing their support. This grateful mother was relaying all of the messages of love and support to her kid who needed it the most.

“He is already smiling!”, Mazzini told people who were invested in the story. Of course, in the world of social media, not everyone is going to see things in the same way. There were some people online who were criticizing Mazzini for posting the photo in the first place. They believed that this is a potentially life-scarring moment for Teddy and it was posted on social media for everyone to see. It might have been humiliating for him and he might not have wanted his humiliation to be broadcasted all over social media.

“Good lord, this is so wrong!”, one user noted in the comment section.

But nevertheless, the picture stayed up and there were so many other people who were so willing to show their support for Teddy. Even the Arizona-based NBA team, Phoenix Suns were quick to rally behind Teddy. They quickly shot him a public message offering him and his family tickets to their game against the Los Angeles Lakers. The football club Phoenix Rising also invited Teddy to a playoff game on Friday.

It looks like Teddy didn’t get the birthday that he expected – however, he might have gotten something better.

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