7 Quotes To Remember To Make Sure That Relationship Disagreements Don’t Get Overblown

Golden quotes to remember.

Being in a relationship is a tough job. A lot of inexperienced lovers will think that it’s always going to be smooth sails with your soulmate. They assume that just because you love one another, everything is going to fall into place and you won’t have to put too much effort into making things work. They are dead wrong and it is that kind of thinking that leads to potentially disastrous relationships. It’s very important to remember that relationships are never designed to be easy. Love is never really a simple matter. There are many complications and flaws to the dynamics of love because we are all imperfect human beings. We all have our individual flaws and our flaws are always going to carry over into our love life.

It doesn’t matter how pure or genuine our intentions are when it comes to love. Sometimes, the universe just has a way of making things difficult for us. It throws a monkey wrench into the mix and we have to make do with whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. But for the most part, the best kinds of couples are always exerting maximum effort into making their relationships work. They know that they don’t have a perfect love, but they know that they are willing to work past any imperfections to actually save that love.

There isn’t exactly a guidebook or a manual to making a relationship work. All relationships are unique and they all carry a very distinct set of traits and problems that only the people involved can really figure out. That’s why it’s difficult to generalize a foolproof blueprint for ensuring the success of relationships. Sure, there are some best practices, but ultimately, it all boils down to compatibility and effort. 

It’s going to get difficult at times. There will be moments wherein you will want to strangle your partner. You will want to pull your own hair out of your scalp out of frustration. But ultimately, it’s important to always maintain a healthy perspective on things. A lot of times even the simplest problems and slightest misunderstandings will be enough to throw even the strongest couples off course. That’s why it’s important for couples to always be communicating with one another to make sure that they are gauging each other properly. If couples are going to conquer their problems in a relationship as a team, then they have to be seeing eye to eye on everything. They always have to ensure that they are operating on the same page. This kind of synergy and chemistry can only be achieved with genuine communication. 

So whenever you find yourself feeling frustrated with your partner about something, try to think if it’s a problem that communication can solve. Perhaps the very cause of the problem is because there was just a failure to communicate with one another in an honest, mature, and respectful manner. There is no reason to throw away a relationship just because of a failure to communicate with each other effectively. Always try to remember these 7 quotes to make sure that you don’t fall victim to misunderstandings in the relationship. These misunderstandings can lead to disastrous events if not controlled or managed properly. 

“1. The biggest problem in communication in relationships is when couples think that they’ve talked things out even when they really haven’t.”

“2. Effective communication isn’t necessarily just talking your heart out and saying everything that runs through your mind. Effective communication also entails listening and understanding. It requires a lot of focus, patience, and attention. You must always be able to really listen to what your partner is saying. You can’t just always be thinking about what you want to let out of your mouth.” 

“3. You shouldn’t only be listening to the parts that suit your ears. Communication is not a buffet where you just pick and choose the spots that you like.”

“4. Always try to put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re dealing with. Remember that peoples’ attitudes can alter depending on the context of a situation. If someone is having a rough day, then you can’t always expect that person to be on their best behavior.”

“5. Sometimes, all people really need is someone who is going to listen to them. You don’t have to give them advice. You don’t have to try to fix their problems. You just have to be there to listen to them and empathize with them.”

“6. Never cast any judgement or give any controversial opinions until you have all the details. You don’t want to jump to conclusions unless you already know the whole story.”

“7. Remember that communication is also an act of learning. You learn so much more about your partner when you actively listen to what they have to say. You learn so much more about yourself with how you process your thoughts and express your ideas.”

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