7 sweet things you can do for your girlfriend

The world doesn’t have enough romantics around anymore. I pride myself over how romantic I am and how sentimental I am with my girlfriend. I’ve had a lot of guy friends tell me things like I’m a little too emotional, sentimental etc. A lot of people have actually gone as far as calling me weak. But I don’t really care about that, I enjoy being a romantic person, it has a lot of perks. This article is going to be for all of you fellow men out there reading this article, this is about the sweet little things you can do for her to make her feel special and loved. Let’s begin:

7. Spa day!

Women love to pamper themselves, they love it even more if their men arrange it for them. It gives them a very special feeling of being taken care of that’s very romantic and superior to a lot of things. Book a spa day for her and surprise her with it. Let her have her day of pampering. She’s going to love you a lot for it and she will never forget it.

6. Watch her favourite movie together

This also counts chick flicks. I know, a lot of you are going to be like “nah, man” but come on, can’t you sit with the girl you love for roughly two and a half hours and watch her favourite movie with her? If you’re lucky, her favourite movie is going to match with yours; so take a special day out for it. Have your own special little movie screening with popcorns and the like. And don’t complain, please don’t complain. I’m a guy, I know.

5. Cook her something

This one can be a little tricky for majority of men, like me. A lot of my guy friends are proper chefs and they cook really good food, I’m not. So I sort of try learning from them and make something for my girlfriend, something she’d like. It’s not about how good or bad you cook, it’s about the effort that you actually went out of your way to do something so special for her.

4. Go on a first date, again

I’ve done this one and it’s pretty nice. Recreate your first date, it’s super fun and special. Go to the same place you guys went to on your first date, only this time it won’t be the same. This time, you two will reminisce over how the two of you felt back then and how things have gotten stronger today and how massively you two feel for each other. It makes for a good time.

3. Surprise shopping trip

The ladies love to shop, it’s a pretty obvious fact. Take her out for a day of stress-free shopping. It’s not about what she buys, it’s about you spending your time with her trying to make her buy something while she does nothing but window-shop for hours before buying that one specific shirt she wanted to.

2. Write for her

Being a writer, I’m pretty adamant about this fact. Write for your girlfriend. It doesn’t have to be a super philosophical poem, it doesn’t have to be super deep, it just has to be from you. Take a piece of paper and simply write about the way she makes you feel. Write as much as you want, she’s going to cherish it forever. People don’t write anymore, most of our days are spent over texting and calling people. Emails have taken over paper, that’s what makes this so special.

1. Spend time with her

This is a no brainer but time is the best gift you can giver her. It’s the most she wants from you. Undivided attention. Take one day out for her when your phones are off and you’re just spending quality time together.

That’s it for now, guys. If you have your own special thing you do for her, let me know in the comments below. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!