7 Things You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Exit A Relationship

Let it be known that relationships are never easy and anyone who believes otherwise is either completely in denial or they’re just plain kidding themselves. Relationships are always going to be a lot of hard work. They are rarely ever going to walk in the park.

But ultimately, the love shared between two people is always going to make all of the struggles worth it. However, love isn’t always going to be enough to sustain two people in a relationship. Love alone is never enough to really guarantee the success of a relationship.

You aren’t always going to be able to make things work no matter how hard you try. And whenever that’s the case, you never want to force the issue. You are going to have to know when you need to walk away from a relationship.

And that’s something that a lot of people really struggle with.

We are all told to fight for love. We are all told that we always need to put effort into the things that we want most. However, we are also told to let go of the things that aren’t meant for us. But how do we know? How can we make that distinction? How do we know when it’s still okay to fight for a relationship and how do we know when we need to walk away? Well, that isn’t always the easiest question to answer and no one else can really give that answer for you.

It always has to come from within. However, what is certain is that you always have to be giving a lot of thought into your decision before you act on it. That’s why you need to be developing a certain kind of introspection with your relationship. You want to be making sure that you don’t rush into anything without giving it substantial thought beforehand.

Again, the decision has to come from you and no one else can make it for you. However, what this article is going to do is help you come to a decision that you can absolutely be sure of. Here are a few questions that will help guide you to what you really want to do with your relationship. Please consider these ideas before you actually make a choice of whether to move on or to keep on fighting for your love.

1. Have you had a sudden change of feelings?

Think about what you’re feeling for a moment. Usually, feelings such as yours undergo a gradual change. If you are still feeling fresh with these new feelings that you have, then just sit with them for a while. Maybe the negative feelings that you have now are eventually going to go away. Don’t be so rash to end things.

2. Have you developed feelings for another person?

You might be thinking that your relationship is practically over because you have developed feelings for someone else outside of the relationship. But you shouldn’t really be thinking that way. Sometimes, a relationship is still salvageable even when you develop feelings for a third party. You still have a shot at working things out.

3. Have you been the victim of abuse in your relationship?

IF the answer to this question is yes, then you probably have to walk away. The truth is that people who abuse others in relationships rarely ever change. And you never want to be tolerant of abuse in your relationship at all. That’s a toxic situation and you need to just get away from it as soon as possible.

4. Do you think that you still have a shot in the future with this person?

If you believe that you and your partner still have a shot at having a happy and healthy future in love together, then what’s stopping you from trying? So as long as you still think that you have the future within your grasp, you shouldn’t let go of it so easily.

5. What has changed in your relationship to make you feel this way?

There was once a point in your relationship wherein the two of you were very happy with one another. Think about what has changed since then until now. If the changes are fixable, then try to fix them. If you can’t fix them, then maybe it’s time to call it quits.

6. Would you think that being single would make you happier?

Sometimes, a lot of people stay in relationships even though they are miserable in it. At the end of the day, you always want to be pursuing the things that make you happy. And if your relationship no longer makes you happy, then maybe being single would be a better choice for you to make.

7. Has this relationship changed you for the better?

Do you like the person you have become as a result of this relationship? If yes, then maybe it’s worth staying in. If not, then you have a solid reason for leaving it.

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