8 Bad Things That You Do In A Relationship Because You’re Insecure

Are you insecure about something?

Letting insecurity and doubt rule over a relationship is incredibly harmful. There is just no downplaying the negative impact that insecurity can have on a romantic relationship. Whenever you fall in love with someone, you must always be able to trust yourself and your partner. You have to always believe in the strength and love of your relationship. If you continue to let doubt and insecurity creep into your mind, then you risk letting these bad things manifest themselves in your actions. And when you exhibit poor relationship etiquette, then you are going to risk losing your partner because of your own insecurities.

You have to be very wary of insecurity because sometimes, this kind of negative thinking will force you into engaging in negative behavior that can prove to be detrimental in your relationship. You don’t want to end up being like the crazy girlfriend/boyfriend in the eyes of your partner. That’s why it’s always importance for you to always place full faith in your relationship. You have to really believe that the two of you have the kind of emotional connection that is needed to go all the way. You have to really believe that you have a stake in this relationship and that you’re not worthless in the eyes of your partner. It’s also important that the both of you always engage in free and open communication with one another about anything.

You have to do this on a consistent basis so that the both of you will now where you both stand on certain things. Often, insecurity and doubt will arise from a lack of communication and openness in a relationship. If you manage to erase all that doubt with your honesty and openness, then you won’t have to worry about any insecurities that might creep up on you. So how does insecurity damage a relationship directly? Well, it’s when your actions start to really show how insecure you are about your romance. You will end up having some really bad habits if insecurity can take a hold on your life and it’s important for you to avoid these habits at all costs if you really want to save your relationship. Here are some common bad habits that you might be doing in your relationship because of your insecurity.

1. You violate your partner’s sense of privacy.

You start snooping and browsing through your partner’s phone and computer. You try to search your partner’s inbox for any signs of infidelity or cheating. You want to know if your partner is doing anything fishy behind your back and so you resort to violating their privacy because you’re too afraid to bring it up in a real conversation.

2. You rage out on your partner for no reason.

When you are feeling insecure, it can often lead you to feel overly emotional for no reason at all. Sometimes, emotions and feelings will conjure themselves out of nowhere and you won’t be able to explain it. You just end up lashing out at your partner even though they did nothing wrong.

3. You develop a reluctance to say sorry.

Your insecurity is always telling you that your partner is doing something wrong behind your back. And so because of this insecurity, you will think that your partner is always at fault and you will develop this irrational reluctance to apologize whenever you are the one who screws up.

4. You accuse your partner’s friends of being something more.

You will start to invent irrational stories out of thin air. Your insecurities will force you to believe without reason that your partner’s friends are more than just friends. You will start to manufacture fake narratives in your head because of your insecurity.

5. You feel like you have to force yourself to become the ideal person for your partner to be with.

You will never feel like you are never enough. You always think that your partner wants to be with someone else, and so you try your best to become more like a person who doesn’t even exist. You are essentially becoming jealous of an imaginary person.

6. You keep wondering if your partner wants you to change.

In relation to the previous entry, you will never feel like you will ever be enough for your partner. You will think that your partner is secretly wanting you to change into someone else and so you can never really feel comfortable with being who you are.

7. You seek validation and love from other people.

You are so insecure and you can never look to yourself for the confidence that you need. Your self-esteem is dependent on the validation of other people. Your sense of self-worth is dependent on how other people see you.

8. You constantly ask your partner if they love you.

You will never believe it. You will always be asking your partner if you are loved but even then, it’s never going to register in your mind.

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  1. This is me but my partner made me this way by cheating on me in the past and walked away but has saw that the grass wasn’t greener on the other side and he comes back to me and has made me think and feel like at any moment it will happen again but also I don’t help the fact either by doing all of the things above he is the love of my life I know that is is nobody else I want or rather be with

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