8 Decisions You Are Bound To Regret In 10 Years


Never make the mistake of thinking that you have unlimited time on this earth. You don’t. Time is a finite resource and you must always make sure that you value it to the best of your abilities. You are always acting in a hurry. You’re rushing because you’re trying to get to that “important” meeting. You’re running because you think you’re going to miss out on an opportunity if you’re going to be late. You’re always trying to schedule your entire life to a tee to the point that you actually forget how to live. You forget to take notice of everything that is happening around you.

You are constantly running around in circles to the point that you fail to notice the things around you that you need to be mindful of to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. You should never be disregarding the people you love. You should never be missing out on opportunities to let the people you care about know that they mean a lot to you. You never want to be taking the precious moments and experiences that you have for granted. You don’t want to be disregarding the many changes that you need to be making but never get the time to.

The one thing that you never want to have later on in life is regret. This article is being made in the hopes that you enlighten yourself on the things that really matter in life; on the things that really warrant your time and attention. If you find that you are doing a lot of the things listed here, then you need to make sure that you police yourself. If not, you’re really going to come to regret these decisions down the line.

1.  You don’t spend enough time with the people you love.

You don’t really try to spend enough time with the people you love. You spend so much time on your career. You spend so much time trying to build your professional network. But you fail to give time to the people who are already in your life. You fail to give time to those who already love you and care about you.


2. You work too hard to the point that you don’t take care of yourself.

It’s always great to be ambitious. It’s always a nice trait to be hardworking. However, you don’t want to be overdoing it to the point that you are actually compromising your sense of well-being. You still want to be engaging in self-care even as you go in pursuit of your biggest goals and dreams in life.

3. You let self-doubt cripple you into powerlessness.

You are allowing self-doubt to just cripple you into being powerless. You let your insecurities influence you into thinking that you don’t really have anything to offer the world. You can’t allow that to happen. You must always find the confidence to believe in yourself. You must always trust that you have what it takes to make a mark.

4. You hold on to unreasonable standards and unbelievable dreams.

It’s okay to dream big. But you have to make sure that you don’t get tunnel vision in the process. You want to make sure that you are still going to keep your dreams and goals reasonable. Otherwise, you are going to be setting yourself up for disappointment. You don’t want to be chasing after a ghost. You always want to make sure that you are keeping it real or else you will just waste your time.

5. You let failures discourage you from trying harder.

Failures are a natural part of life. You should never regret trying and failing in this world. However, it would be a great disappointment if you actually let your failures talk you into just not trying harder. Sometimes, when life sets you back a little bit, you need to come back harder.

6. You think that you are always a victim to your situation.

Stop playing the victim all the time. Stop trying to act like the world is out to get you. The world might not always give you what you want but that doesn’t mean that it’s unfair. The world doesn’t favour anyone. And you shouldn’t be letting your circumstances keep you back from being who you are supposed to be.

7. You cease to act because you think the time isn’t right.

Here’s a secret: the timing is just never right. Sometimes, you’re just actually going to have to take that leap of faith. If you succeed, then good for you. If you fail, then at least you can take it as a learning opportunity. But if you just don’t act at all, you’re definitely going to regret it when you get older.

8. You become too busy to the point that you fail to appreciate life.

Life is beautiful. Don’t take it for granted. It’s the only one that you get to live. Try to make the most of it.

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