8 Reasons Why Men Chase After Girls Who Settle

The key is in keeping your standards reasonable, but also classy.

It’s a difficult challenge having to navigate through the tough world of dating. You meet so many different kinds of people who each carry with them a very distinct set of standards, preferences, and principles when it comes to relationships. And of course, it’s very important for people to really understand the standards that they set in a relationship. If you set your standards a little too low, you risk ending up with a terrible guy who will just take you for granted. If you set your standards to high, then it’s unlikely that you will ever end up in a relationship at all. The key is in keeping your standards reasonable, but also classy.

And how do you approach setting your standards? How do you know when you’re just being unreasonable or when you’re just being a little too easy? That is what is tricky about the situation because no one can really impose their own set of standards on you. You always have to set your own standards for yourself. But generally speaking, it’s much better to be lenient with your standards than it is to be unreasonable. If your standards are just way too high, then no guy will ever want to be in a relationship with you. But if you are lenient with your standards, it shows that you are adaptable and that you’re willing to compromise. It also shows that you’re open-minded and that you’re willing to make sacrifices for the sake of a relationship. And typically, guys will tend to be more attracted to girls who settle than the girls who are just so uncompromising when it comes to their standards. Here are 8 reasons why men chase after girls who settle.

1. They find more fulfilment in a life that isn’t rigid and inflexible.

A lot of men will not want to be with women who will keep them on a tight leash. Well, in general, human beings are always more inclined towards a life of freedom. So if you impose your unreasonable standards on a guy, they’re not going to be all too fond of that kind of emotional suffocation.

2. They are more attracted to women who are willing to adjust.

These men know that relationships are always all about being able to meet halfway. And so when they find that women are actually willing to budge and make a few exceptions with their standards, then they know that relationships with these women will be much simpler.

3. They know that girls who settle are going to be easier to make happy.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making one another happy. And sometimes, it gets to a point where if you try too hard to make each other happy, then it actually takes away from the happiness as a whole. One shouldn’t have to make themselves unhappy just to gain happiness.

4. They know that girls who are willing to settle have more fun.

When a girl is a little more free-spirited and easygoing, then guys know that they will tend to have more fun with these girls. They won’t feel constant pressure from being with these women and it will be a lot easier for them to just enjoy life and love as a whole.

5. They believe that girls who settle aren’t necessarily girls who are easy.

There is this unfair label that is attributed to girls who settle claiming that they are easy girls who would fall for just any guy. But most guys don’t really subscribe to this label. They know that girls are so much more than their romantic histories and inclinations. They don’t attach a person’s value to their standards in a relationship.

6. They see open-mindedness as an important trait to have in a relationship.

Everyone knows that open-mindedness is always an important trait to have especially when interacting with other people. When men see women who are willing to settle, they see women who are open-minded and who are receptive of things and people that they’re not traditionally exposed to.

7. They think that lowered standards don’t necessarily equate to mediocrity.

Most men don’t necessarily see women who settle as women who are okay with mediocrity. They see these women as smart individuals who understand that perfection is an illusion and that we are all human beings who are inherently flawed and that it’s pointless to be searching for an ideal guy who doesn’t exist.

8. They know that a lot of other men aren’t going to tolerate such high standards either.

They don’t feel the need to live up to unreasonable standards of women because they know that their competition will be unwilling to do so as well. They won’t have to compete with other men with these women because a vast majority of men will not want that kind of pressure on their relationships.

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