8 Signs He’s Really Being Romantic And 7 Signs He’s Just Using You

Being romantic VS. being manipulative.

All relationships are always going to have the potential to be a hit or a miss. And that’s part of the risk that you make when you choose to get romantically involved with someone. You can never really tell just how strong your relationship is regardless if you’ve just started dating or if you’ve been together for the longest time. Things could be as stable as can be in your relationship and it could still have the potential to turn sour really quickly. And that unpredictable nature of your relationship works the other way as well. You could feel like your relationship is on the bring of collapse and somehow, you and your partner just manage to find yourselves back into a place of safety. Relationships are dynamic and you can never really be sure about the future. But it’s still important that you try to trust one another in your love while keeping yourself guarded at the same time.

So ladies, find yourself a man who isn’t afraid of being sweet and romantic with you. But also make sure that you know that just because a guy is being kind towards you doesn’t mean that he is automatically falling in love with you. There are tons of terrible men out there who are just looking to use, abuse, and manipulate the women that they date. Of course, there are a select few who are genuine gentlemen and you wouldn’t have much to worry about with them. But it can often be difficult to spot out the rotten apples; the boys who will woo you with their charm and charisma; and then they’ll go and use you up until they’ve had their fill.

So be very careful. You have to be able to make that distinction between a nice guy and a guy who is just acting nice to get you to do stuff for him. You need to be able to protect your own heart because no one else is going to do it for you. So how exactly do you know? How can you spot the bad guys from the genuine ones? Well, it’s all a matter of being able to make that distinction between the two with the use of reading signs. You just have to be perceptive and introspective in your relationship. You have to be able to look at your man and judge him for who he really is; and not for who you wish he could be.

8 signs that your guy is genuinely kind and romantic:

tHe makes it a point to make you feel like you’re a genuine part of his world. He introduces you to his friends and family and he makes sure that they do their best to make you feel welcome.

tHe always wants to go into detail about the ins and outs of your life. He wants to get to know you better and he won’t get tired of listening to you talk to him.

tYour friends tell you that they believe that you’ve found the right guy for yourself. Sometimes, all you really need is an outsider’s perspective to reassure you that you’re on the right track.

tHe isn’t just content with keeping you inside the house. He takes you out and shows you off to the world. He doesn’t want to hide you.

tHe does a great job of being honest and open about his feelings and his expectations surrounding the relationship.

tHe supports you in your pursuit of your goals and dreams. He would never want to serve as a hurdle.

tHe respects whatever boundaries you set for him in your relationship.

tHe gives you the most meaningful gifts and tokens because he knows that they make you more fulfilled than meaningless expensive items.

7 signs that your guy is just using you:

tHe has a dead-end life that has no real direction. He has no ambition or work ethic and he relies on you to support him as he tries to survive this world.

tHe keeps his emotions to himself and whenever he starts to lash out, he always finds a way to blame you for everything that’s wrong in his life.

tHe is only ever kind to you whenever he wants something from you.

tHe always wants to keep tabs on where you are; not because he’s concerned for your safety, but because he doesn’t trust you to act properly when he’s not around.

tHe airs all of your dirty laundry out in public and so his friends and family end up hating you because he makes it seem like you’re the villain in the dysfunctional relationship.

tHe never really opens up to you about where he is or what he’s up to because he has a lot to hide.

tHe doesn’t like to take you anywhere people might actually see the two of you together because he still wants to keep his options open.

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  1. It seems my last 4 relationships and 1 marriage of 15 years were all using me… smh. I knew I had a bad habit of falling for emotionally unavailable men but dang. This hurt my feelings and at the same time my heart already knew this truth. I just couldn’t wrap my head around how easily I fell blind to their manipulations and sickening lies. Toxicity. With that said I am so grateful for this website. For real. It’s helped me so much from letting go when someone walks away to just general life knowledge. Thank you for what y’all do.

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