8 Signs That A Guy Isn’t Really As Into You As You Might Think

Even though the truth is practically staring at you in the face, it can still be really hard to see it when your judgment is being clouded by your feelings and your emotions. However, this can prove to be very problematic. You never want to be blinded by your own feelings. You never want to have your judgment clouded whenever you’re in love. If you allow yourself to get blinded by your own feelings, then you are at risk of being completely fooled by reality.

Whenever you get into a relationship with someone, the ideal situation would be for the two of you to have mutual feelings of love and affection for one another. However, that isn’t always going to be the case. There are so many people out there who get fooled into thinking that the ones they are interested in are also interested in them. But then, they end up getting fooled because they missed all of the signs and signals that they should have been paying attention to in the first place.

If you happen to be dating someone new, you always have to make sure that that person would be taking you seriously. You never want to be investing yourself in someone who isn’t going to be interesting in investing themselves in you. That’s why you always want to stay conscious of the many red flags that their feelings for you might not be as genuine as you want them to be.

If you notice that a lot of these signs apply to the man that you’re seeing, then you might want to double down on your defenses.

1. He tells you that he isn’t looking for anything serious.

Right off the bat, he’s telling you that he’s not looking for anything serious. And what that means is that he’s not going to be taking you seriously. If he tells you this as a kind of disclaimer, then you should take that as a red flag and just run away. It’s already your fault if you still allow him to play you as a fool.

2. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family.

He is looking to keep you a secret. He isn’t really interested in letting your existence in his life be known to the people around him. He isn’t really interested in keeping you around long enough for you to matter to those who are closest to his heart. You’re practically an expendable human being in his life.

3. He always waits for you to send the first message.

He never really sends you the first message. He is always waiting for you to text first. He never texts first because he doesn’t really think about you whenever the two of you aren’t together. And the fact that he doesn’t think about you is proof of how little he cares about you. He’s not really looking to take you seriously.

4. He lets you make all of the plans.

When it comes to planning for dates or trips in your relationship, he never really takes the initiative. He is always waiting for you to be the one who draws up plans. He’s always waiting for you to make the move. He isn’t going to make the move himself because he doesn’t care about you enough to do so.

5. He only gets in touch with you when he wants something.

The only ever time he reaches out to you is when he needs something from you. This is proof of the fact that he doesn’t care about you as a person. He only cares about what you would be able to give or offer to him. He’s only interested in the benefits that you would be able to provide.

6. He puts you in the friend zone.

If he’s constantly reinforcing the idea of the two of you just staying friends, then he’s essentially letting you know what he thinks the nature of your relationship should be. He might be acting really close and intimate with you. But the truth is that he only just wants to be friends with you, and nothing more.

7. He willingly cancels on plans with you.

He doesn’t care much about the fact that certain decisions or actions of his might hurt you. He willingly cancels on plans with you because it doesn’t really affect him to know that you would be disappointed by this. He doesn’t really stay mindful or sensitive to your feelings.

8. He doesn’t make an effort to enliven the conversation.

Whenever the two of you have a conversation, he doesn’t really make an effort to liven it up. He doesn’t try to ask you questions or engage you in an enthusiastic manner. It’s always just plain and boring answers that he feeds you.

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