8 Signs There Is A Substantial Imbalance In Your Relationship

Heed the signs.

You must always be able to maintain a sense of balance and harmony in your relationship. You always have to be able to promote symmetry in the dynamics of your romance. You are a team, and you must both share equal roles and responsibilities in promoting the welfare of your relationship. When there is an imbalance, it can pose as a potential source for dysfunction and collapse. You would never want that in a relationship. You don’t want any form of resentment or ill feelings to brew as a direct result of relationship imbalances. You don’t want to mess up the synergy of your relationship by having one side constantly shouldering the load for the both of you. Remember that relationships are always give and take, and you can’t afford to be the one who is constantly taking and taking; and it’s also the same problem if you’re the one who is constantly giving and giving as well. 

It’s as simple as this really: you should always be willing to give just as much as you’re getting from the relationship. You should be exerting just as much effort into your romance as what you’re partner is exerting. But how do you know if your relationship’s team synergy isn’t on point? How do you know if there’s an imbalance in your relationship? Sometimes, because you love a person too much, you don’t realize that your partner isn’t really putting in the same kind of effort that you’re putting forth. You don’ notice that you’re the one who is heavily invested in the relationship while your partner is taking a nonchalant approach to things. Sometimes, your love can blind you and lead you to believe that things are fine even when the imbalances are as clear as day.

You really have to take a look at the signs. You really have to be able to figure out the parts of your relationship where equality is being suppressed. Here are a few signs that there is a substantial imbalance in your relationship. And if you find that your relationship is guilty of a lot of the things listed on here, you have to act quickly to try to save things.

1. You are always there for your partner but they are rarely ever there for you.

Whenever your partner calls for you, you come running at the speed of light because you would always want to be there for them for anything. But you can’t really say the same for your partner whenever you’re the one who is in need of help and support.

2. Your partner only ever wants to make themselves the topic of the conversation.

You rarely ever get to talk about yourself or your feelings because your partner is always making the conversation about them. They only care about themselves and how they feel and they don’t really mind how you are being affected.

3. You are always the gift giver but you are never the receiver.

Gifts aren’t always going to be a big deal in a relationship. But when you are the constant giver and you never get to play the role of receiver, then that speaks volumes to the dynamic of your relationship as a whole.

4. You are the one who always has to initiate the conversation.

You are the one who always wants to get the conversation going. You are the one who is constantly looking to strengthen your lines of communication. You are the one who is always looking to build an emotional connection with your partner, but your partner rarely makes the effort.

5. You always make them the priority, but you are never the priority to them.

You would always cancel plans to accommodate them in your life. But on their end, it’s as if they would willingly drop plans with you just to do seemingly trivial activities.

6. You are always honest but you are always the victim of their lies.

If you are constantly honest in a relationship, then that is a good thing. It shows that you are respectful of your partner and that you always value honesty. But if you are constantly being lied to, then that goes to show that your partner doesn’t respect you the way that you should be respected.

7. You never feel like your feelings are ever really acknowledged or validated.

You never get the kind of emotional safety, security, and acceptance that you need from your partner because you are always made to feel like your emotions are invalid and irrational.

8. You always keep your promises but your partner seems to always break them.

Promises are important in a relationship because they are essential in preserving trust. If you are constantly giving your partner reasons to trust you, they have to be doing the same for you as well. If your partner isn’t keeping promises, then it shows that they don’t really value your trust or the relationship as a whole. 

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