8 Things You Feel When You’ve Been Single For A While

Have you been single for a while?

Not everyone is going to be ready to be in a relationship all the time. As stressful as it can be to watch all of our friends and families get into relationships while we stay in that Singles-only lane, it’s not really something to be ashamed of. There’s nothing wrong with staying single especially when the alternative is to be in a forced relationship that is heading towards an eventual breakup anyway. But then again, there’s still no shaking this feeling that you seem to be part of the minority. You watch all of your friends and colleagues fall in love with one another and you’re just there watching TV in your PJ’s on a Saturday night.

Inevitably, some things will affect your life as a single person in ways that won’t necessarily affect people in relationship. Whether or not you are proud of these things is up to you. But again, having said that, there should be no pressure for you to force yourself into a relationship that is beneath you. Here are some things that happen to you when you’ve been single for a long time.

1. You are constantly changing your tone on your stance of staying single.

At first, you start becoming desperate because it feels like you’re the only one you know who is still single at this point. But then you grow to become more comfortable with the idea of being single for a while. And then your mind changes again. But even though your stance keeps on changing, your situations still continues to the same regardless.

2. You don’t know how to act normal when you try to flirt.

Flirting feels like a totally awkward, alien, and unnatural experience for you. It’s an activity that you don’t actively know how to engage yourself in and so you always end up acting really weird and crazy. Sometimes, people will find this to be endearing about you, but for the most part, it’s kind of weird but you’ve also slowly learned to accept it.

3. You are no longer conscious off when you act as a wheel because it happens way too often.

Whether it be 3rd, 5th, or 7th wheel. You’re used to it. You always find yourself in the position of being the only single person in a group setting and so it’s normal for you now. You no longer find anything weird or unusual about it and you’ve learned to just roll with it. In fact, you kind of relish in it now that you’ve done it so often. You love your friends and you don’t mind being the only one who doesn’t have a partner when you’re all hanging out.

4. You sometimes get lost daydreaming about getting into relationships with people you’ve just met.

The moment you meet a person you THINK you have potential to be with, you automatically busy yourself with daydreams and fictional scenarios. You will dream up all sorts of things about how you’re going to fall in love, get into occasional arguments, and still manage to find your ways back together in the end. Meanwhile in real life, you’re still there, being the single person that you are.

5. You notice that your friends are slowly learning to detach themselves from the hopes that you will ever find someone to be with.

They usually have so much hope for you to find your way into a relationship with someone, but they’re slowly starting to wane a little bit. They used to be so active with trying to set you up with different single friends but after a while, they just stop trying.

6. You roll your eyes and scoff at the slightest hint of cheesy romance.

At this point, you’re so sick of all the cheesiness and sappiness that comes with love and romance. Some might just call you bitter for being single for too long and that might even be true. But whatever the case, you’ve just grown to be so sick of seeing people stare at one another all googly eyed like mindless zombies.

7. You think about all the free time you would have to give up if you ever got into a relationship.

You love your freedom and it’s one of your most favorite parts about being single. And you occasionally find yourself thinking about how much free time you’re going to have to sacrifice if you ever actually start dating someone for real; and the thought of it legitimately frightens you.

8. You learn more about who you are and you grow to be more comfortable with yourself.

But perhaps the most wonderful and amazing thing about being single is that you get to devote all of your attention and focus on your own life. You discover so much more about who you are and what you want out of life. You learn to love yourself more and you end up treating yourself better because of it.

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