9 Differences Between A Fake And True Love

Love is never loving unless it can be considered to be true. Unfortunately, there are just so many people out there who would be masquerading their selfish intentions as love and passion. Sometimes, you might even find yourself feeling confused about whether you love another person or not. You know that you have a genuine interest in them but you’re not entirely sure if that’s enough to warrant love.

How can you tell? What’s the difference?

You might be finding yourself in a relationship with someone who you know that you like on a very deep and profound level. But before things get any hotter and heavier, you want to make sure that it’s actually the real thing. You want to make sure that you’re actually in love for real. Otherwise, you might just be setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. But how do you know for sure? What are the signs?

It’s so easy to get confused whenever you let your infatuation run wild. Sometimes, when you pair infatuation and desperation, it can make for a very volatile and dangerous situation. You would end up liking someone so much that your desperation actually leads you to believe that you’re already in love with them even when you really aren’t.

That’s why you really need to know if your relationship is one that is built on true love or not. And here are a few differences that you might want to take note of to help you gain clarity regarding your relationship situation:

1. True love makes compromises; fake love is selfish.

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True love always shows a willingness to make compromises. It’s about two people who understand that the needs of the relationship are always going to supersede the needs of the individual.

2. True love stays honest; fake love relishes in lies.

True love is always going, to be honest. There is going to be no semblance of deceit or deception when it comes to true love. There is only openness, transparency, honesty, and trust. There can never be true love when there are a lot of lies and deceits involved.

3. True love is patient and understanding; fake love is short-fused.

True love is always going to be patient and understanding. You’re always going to have a partner who understands that you won’t always be at your best and that you will sometimes make mistakes. But you will never have to worry about them losing their cool just because you get something wrong every once in a while.

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