9 Mistakes Men Often Make Which Drive Their Women To Cheat On Them

Usually, when talks of cheating start to surface in a relationship, peoples’ thoughts tend to automatically drift towards the man as being the guilty party. However, is that really fair? Aren’t women just as likely to cheat as men are? Well, the fact of the matter is that men and women have equal likelihoods of cheating – but studies have shown that they often cheat on each other for purely different reasons. Whereas a man might tend to cheat on a woman to satisfy certain physical urges; a woman is likely to cheat on a man when she feels like the relationship lacks a sense of emotional intimacy.

And it’s important to note that people in general who cheat usually do so under extreme or desperate circumstances. It’s highly unlikely that anyone would ever cheat when the relationship is going exceptionally well. So if you’re a guy in a relationship, you have to make sure that you minimize the chances of your girl cheating on you. Yes, when you are the victim of cheating, it’s not your fault entirely. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to hurt any less on your part to know that you’re not to blame.

And in any case, when a relationship goes wrong, no one party is always entirely to blame. There is always blood spilled on both sides of the aisle. So don’t be so quick to wash your hands clean. Infidelity is unfortunate, and you always want to try your best to stay loyal to one another in your relationship. However, you can only do so much. You must both trust each other enough to always do the right thing. And you can help put your mind at ease by always making sure that you’re putting your best foot forward in the relationship.

If you’re lacking as a partner, then you are driving your girl farther and farther away from you. And often, guys tend to be guilty of committing a lot of mistakes in their relationships on consistent bases. You have to make sure that you rid yourself of any bad habits if you don’t want to drive your lady into cheating on you. Her are 9 mistakes men often make which drive their women to cheat on them:

1. You always put yourself first in the relationship.

It’s okay to maintain a sense of self in the relationship. But it’s never okay to be acting selfish all of the time in your relationship. You always have to make her feel like you are also willing to put her above other things in your life.

2. You put no effort into sharing any interests with her.

You don’t put much effort into trying to connect with her at all. You are just going about your individual life without a care about how she’s going about hers.

3. You don’t make her feel like you listen to her.

It’s as if you don’t give value to her thoughts or opinions. You are always so quick to just brush them aside as if they don’t matter much. You always act so dismissive of whatever she has to say and it’s slowly killing her sense of self-esteem.

4. You don’t support her in her pursuit of her dreams.

You don’t make her feel like she can rely on you to be there for her when she’s weak. You don’t make her feel like she’s being supported. You don’t act like you’re in a team. You make her feel so alone even when you’re together.

5. You often threaten to leave her if she doesn’t do what you want.

Each time you threaten her, you break her heart. It’s manipulative and abusive behavior. She doesn’t want to have to put up with that.

6. You make her feel like she’s not good enough for you.

You are always criticizing her for who she is. You are always forcing her to change her ways. You always make her feel like she’s mediocre; like she’s not good enough for you. And it’s leading her to want to find validation from other sources.

7. You don’t satisfy her physical needs.

Just because you’re done with satisfying yourself in bed doesn’t mean that you get to finish. You have to make sure that you are satisfying her physical needs as well. If not, she’s going to find someone else to finish the job for you.

8. You belittle everything she has to say to you.

You always make her feel ashamed for the stuff that she tells you. As a result, she never feels safe about expressing herself to you anymore. She is scared that you’re just going to make fun of whatever she might have to say.

9. You don’t do anything to make her feel special.

You are always considering her like she’s just any other girl. And it kills her inside. She’s supposed to be your favorite – and yet you don’t make any efforts to make her feel like you’re more than just an acquaintance to her.

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