9 Reasons you should be flirting

Simply put, flirting is healthy emotionally as well as physically. The reason it has earned a bad reputation is because most people flirt with the intent of sexually attracting someone. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. It could be just to put a smile on someone’s face without giving them the wrong idea. The purpose should never be to lead someone on (unless you actually want to be romantically involved with them). Use it as a way to connect with people. There’s not much needed to flirt. Firstly, you should know how to do it and like many other things, it is something you can learn. Secondly, you should have a positive attitude, and the aim should be to make it contagious.

So those of you who have a strict no-flirting rule, you might feel a little (if not entirely) differently after reading the following:

1.В В В В  You become a better conversationalist

Breaking the ice with someone is the most important and the hardest part. If you do this well, everything else kind of flows effortlessly thereafter. When you’re flirting with someone, you try to come up with intelligent jokes or clever remarks, which most of the times invite a response. If the response is positive, it reassures you of your wit and encourages you to engage in and even initiate conversations with people.

2.В В В В  Builds your confidence

Flirting not only makes the next person feel better, but their reaction makes you feel good about yourself as well. All the doubts you have about your ability to hold a stimulating conversation with someone or gaining their attention wash away. And the more confident you are of yourself, the more attractive people find you. This again will give you a boost of self-esteem.

3.В В В В  It’s amusing!

That’s the best thing about it. It’s fun. There isn’t any accountability as long as it is kept innocent. You don’t owe anything to anyone. Share a few laughs, exchange a few smiles, compliments and retorts and that’s about it. If either of you want to take it any further, it’s entirely up to you, but there is no compulsion. You are not obliged to talk to or see them again.

4.В В В В  The rush!

The idea of approaching someone in this manner and anticipating their reaction sort of gives you a rush. That rush enables you think and respond faster, which again works in your favour.

5.В В В В  Reduces the stress and puts people at ease

You can sense the tension easing away from a person when you flirt with them. It takes their mind off the present situation and allows them to actually enjoy what you just said or did. Consequently, they’re more relaxed and feel at ease and might even play along. They feel good about themselves thanks to you.

6.В В В В  Strengthens your relationship

For those of you who are in relationships, there is no reason to stop flirting with each other, no matter how long you have been together. In fact it becomes more important with time to make each other feel attractive, appreciated and loved.

7.В В В В  Enables you to meet new people

It gives a certain aura to your personality. You come off to be easy to approach and to talk to as well. Even if you keep to yourself, flirting may just do the thing to bring you out of your shell and be more outgoing. Hence you’d not only be able to meet new people, make new friends but may also have more luck finding your significant other.

8.В В В В  Makes you feel good

If you’re able to make someone feel good about themselves, you automatically feel good about yourself as well. You realize your potential and the general appreciation of the people you come across, and it has a positive impact on you. You tend to be more upbeat and certain of yourself.

9.В В В В  Boosts immunity

This is something for the health freaks. You need a reason to flirt, what better than a health benefit. Certain studies have concluded that people with flirtatious behaviors have a higher white blood cell count, meaning they won’t fall prey t infections as possible. So why not watch your health by flirting, it makes it a win-win situation!

Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not, flirting has its benefits. For the people in relationships, your partner should be the foremost target. Feel good about yourself, and spread the same around. Flirt away!

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