Cheating Man Gets Angry at Hotel Receptionist for “Ruining his Marriage”

Cheating always leads to disastrous results. We at Relationship Rules always advise our readers to never resort to that direction; it’s better to break up and be single than to cheat. When a person cheats, they blame others for their own insecurities. They try to hide their activities and emotions as much as possible, which makes them act paranoid. Today’s story will discuss a funny perspective on how cheaters act.

The Story

Today’s story comes from a subreddit called TalesFromTheDesk, where all sorts of fascinating true stories get shared every day. A Reddit user by the name FinancialElephant5 was working on the front desk of the hotel that morning. And he got treated to the sight of an angry customer storming towards his desk. For his story, we’ll refer to the man as Chad. Here is the original post:

Was it Worth It?

It is bad enough to cheat on your wife, but it’s completely absurd to be overpowering and controlling about it. It’s nothing to be proud of. It’s an appalling act that leads to nothing but heartache, trauma, and years of dealing with the emotional baggage. The absolute lack of regret or remorse in Chad is shocking. Loyalty is the most crucial aspect of every relationship – and it should be cherished and protected like no other.

The sanctity and longevity of love depend on how loyal two people are to one another. As soon as that loyalty breaks, the love starts to dissipate until it completely evaporates. Hold on to it tightly if you share a loyal relationship with your partner because loyalty is becoming a rarity. And if you’ve been cheated on, don’t give up on love. The world consists of both good and bad; you can’t ignore the good because of the bad – it’s unfair to you. Never hold yourself back from what you truly deserve!

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Source: Reddit

  1. Well if “Chad” didn’t want his wife finding out he was at the hotel,he should have kept his trousers on. I’ve got no sympathy for people who cheat on their partners,as the saying goes,”Once a cheat,always a cheat.”

  2. I have no respect for Chad…. I’m glad he got caught! That receptionist did an amazing job keeping her cool and basically telling him the way it is… Too bad so sad get over it Chad you’re busted! I hope his wife find someone who’s gonna respect her and treat her the way she should be treated. He is a piece of shit! I’ve been there and I know how it feels to be cheated on 😞

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