9 Things All Strong Women Shouldn’t Have To Stress About

You need to lose more weight. You need to wear this dress to accentuate your hips more. You need to put on this shade of lipstick. Stop talking so loudly. Be more ladylike. Don’t dream too big. Play hard to get. Stop dating so many different kinds of men. Think of starting a family. Prioritize having kids.

As a woman, you have pretty much been told how to live your life since the day that you were born. You have always been subjected to the standards and expectations of the people around you. For the longest time, society has been tormenting you and imposing its will on you. You must be tired of it, right? You must be sick of having so many people tell you what to do even though you so clearly didn’t ask them to.

You should never be afraid of being a strong and independent woman; someone who doesn’t feel the need to subject herself to the pleasure of society. A strong woman is someone who only worries about living up to her own standards and expectations. She is someone who only stresses about her own dreams and aspirations for herself.

These are a few things that a strong and independent woman should never have to stress about:

1. Her sexual history.

She isn’t going to let other people influence her sexuality. Whether or not she chooses to explore her sexuality is her own choice. And she isn’t going to allow other people to pressure her into exploring it in a certain way.

2. Her manner of dressing.

She isn’t really going to let other people dictate how she’s going to dress. She’s going to dress in the manner that she’s comfortable with. She is never going to stop herself from wearing a shirt that she likes just because someone else might be offended by it.

3. Her choice of livelihood.

She is going to make a living however she wants to make a living. She isn’t going to settle for being a housewife if she knows that she’s meant to dominate the corporate industry. She isn’t going to become a doctor if she wants to work as an artist and a creative. She will choose how she makes her way in this world so as long as it doesn’t hurt or negatively impact the people around her.

4. Other peoples’ opinions of her.

There’s a difference between being open-minded and just being completely gullible to what everyone is telling you. She’s the kind of woman who always values the opinions and perspectives of other people. But she doesn’t allow other peoples’ negative energy to affect her too much. She is secure enough in herself to not have to rely on the acceptance and validation of others.

5. The current goings-on of her exes.

If she has had romantic relationships in the past, then she isn’t really going to obsess over what her exes might be doing. She isn’t going to really care about what they’re up to or whether they’re doing better than her. She’s going to stay focused on her own life and the many relationships that she still has to maintain at present.

6. Pop culture social media trends.

She isn’t really the type of girl who would just jump on the bandwagon just because everyone else is doing so. She isn’t someone who is going to follow the trend in order to feel accepted or to fit in. She is not a mindless lamb. She knows how to think for herself. She develops her own thoughts and opinions on things. And she’s more of a trendsetter than a follower.

7. Her past shortcomings and failures.

She is only human. She knows that she has made mistakes in the past and she knows that she’s going to continue to make mistakes in the future. However, she isn’t going to be one who dwells on the many times she has failed. She takes her failures and she turns them into learning opportunities. She isn’t going to wallow in self-pity.

8. Other peoples’ expectations of her future.

She has a plan for herself. She envisions a future for herself. And she really does whatever she can to make sure that she achieves all of her goals and dreams. She isn’t going to concern herself with what other people think she should be doing. She isn’t going to care much about whatever expectations other girls are going to set for her.

9. Things that are beyond her control.

A strong and independent woman knows that she has her limits and that she isn’t going to be able to control everything that happens around her. But she doesn’t allow herself to become a victim of any situation. She always makes sure that she takes control of her own life in the many ways that she can. And she doesn’t stress over the parts of life that she can’t control.

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