9 Things To Expect When You Meet A Man Who Doesn’t Play Games

Real men don’t play games.

Too many people are just too caught up in playing the dating game these days that they forgot that love shouldn’t even be a game to begin with. They try so hard to put their moves on prospective dates, and they end up forgetting the whole point of the romantic experience. You shouldn’t have to play that game if you’re not into it. You shouldn’t have to put up with a guy who only knows how to treat love like a game. In fact, if you want, you should wait for a man who walks into your life and makes you forgot about all the immature men you’ve ever met in your life. This man is going to be a breath of fresh air to you in such a toxic dating environment.

This is a guy who understands what he wants out of life and love. He is a guy who isn’t afraid to go after what he wants with dignity and respects. If you’re wondering more about what this guy is going to be like, here are 10 things that you can expect from a man who doesn’t play games:

1. You aren’t going to have to second-guess how he feels about you.

If he really likes you, he’s going to tell you about it. He isn’t going to make you feel like you have to doubt how he feels about you. He is going to make all of his intentions and expectations very clear even at the start. He is going to ensure that you never have any cause to second-guess yourself.

2. You aren’t going to have constant anxiety attacks.

You won’t be left constantly wondering about something that you may or may not have done wrong. He won’t be guilting you into thinking that you screwed up big time. He isn’t going to manipulate or abuse your emotional vulnerability.

3. He isn’t going to be ashamed of how he feels about you.

He likes you. He’s interested in you. He may even love you. And he isn’t going to be ashamed about it. He isn’t going to shy away from his feelings. He isn’t going to be scared of whatever emotions he will be forced t confront. He will own up to his feelings and he won’t hesitate to express them to you.

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