9 things you can do to make your mornings much better

Late nights and early mornings don’t make a good combination. You can only keep up with them for so long. You’re tired and cranky and long for the comfort of your bed all day long. Even though you’re getting things done, you might notice that you’re unable to give your best. At times you fail to wake up to the morning alarm, and when you finally do, you’re in such a rush that you either do something wrong or forget to do it entirely.

The start of the day determines the rest of the day, so here’s what you could do to possibly make your mornings better, and consequently the entire day to follow:

  1. Early to bed, early to rise

The simplest and the most practical solution for frenzied mornings lies in getting up earlier than usual. That would mean going to bed early in the first place. You can’t just change your patterns in one day, but you could do them gradually. Start with getting up earlier, and judge how it works out for you. Getting up earlier would have you worn out before your usual bedtime and you’d be able to sleep early as well.

  1. Acknowledge your blessings

If you’re one of those people who wake up mentally going over the list of things to do for the day, you need to get rid of that habit! You’re stressing yourself even before getting out of bed. The more you worry about something, the more likely it is to wrong.

Before you let yourself swallowed by your work/chores/errands, take a few moments to just breathe. Ease your mind. Tell yourself that even if things don’t turn out well that day, you still have a lot to be thankful for. Being alive for instance, and being able to give it a try.

  1. Stretch to stretch the goodness over the entire day

We’re all aware of the importance of exercise. Yet many of us fail to find time for it. We blame our busy schedules for the lack of exercise. Even if not every day of the week, you should exercise often. It not only has health benefits but also elevates your mood.

The least you can do is to stretch after you wake up. Your movements become more fluid and the blood flow is enhanced throughout the body, resulting in improved mental and physical alertness.

  1. The first thing you consume should be water

So coffee or tea is our quick fix for breakfast, especially when we’re running late. You’re depriving your body of what it needs most, hydration. The first thing to consume on an empty stomach is water, even if your breakfast comprises of only caffeine, water should come first. And a healthy breakfast is essential too. You can function to your full potential (both physically and mentally) only when you have the energy to do so. Water tends to drive away drowsiness as well, what could be more useful when you wake up.

  1. Don’t try taking on too much

This applies to early mornings as much as late mornings. Just because you’re waking up early does not mean you should try to over-achieve. The purpose of early mornings is to allow your mind to relax and wake up rather than being shocked into consciousness. Don’t overburden yourself. Do only the most important things early on the morning, and adjust the others in the remainder of your day. By trying to accomplish everything, you’re not only stressing yourself unnecessarily but letting yourself down as well, when you fail to do a few of the things you planned to do.

  1. Do something that you look forward to

It could be listening to some music, or reading, or exercising or a many number of things, that you actually want to do, rather than things you have to do. Maybe you should start your day with something of the sort. It’d help you relax and manage your mood and you’ll feel more prepared for the whole day. If you put these off to after you’re done with everything, at times you might not have time to get to them. This might frustrate you, so do yourself a favor, and make what you love to do a priority in the morning. Everything else can consume the rest of the day.

  1. Allow yourself to be inspired

You know those days, when you want to shut everyone out and do nothing at all, there’s a way to avoid those. We all find inspiration in different people or even things. Everyone needs little reminders to keep going.

Depending on what works for you, be inspired every morning. It could be a book that has helped you through tough times, or a song that speaks to you, or that ornament on the mantle that reminds you of someone that you hold in admiration. Be it anything; make sure you start your day with rejuvenated motivation every morning.

  1. Don’t rush through the morning

Even if you’re starting your mornings with the things you like to do, don’t go from one thing to the next robotically. Let everything sink in. If you’re a big fan of nature, allow yourself time to enjoy the sunrise. Let it be absorbed in your mind and impart its positive impact on you before you move on to something else.

  1. Do only what needs to be done

It’s impossible to do everything in one single day. And you never know, what might unexpectedly come up which further adds to the to-do list. Instead of trying to achieve the impossible, focus what is the most important thing to do on that particular day, and deal with it first. Then move down the priority list. And if you’re burned out for the day and you haven’t checked off everything, don’t panic! There are things that you can put off to the next day. Give your body and mind the well-deserved rest it needs.

It sure sounds like a lot to do. But if you try to make it a part of your routine, one habit at a time, it won’t seem so difficult then. If you realize the importance of the right start to a day, you’ll surely manage to make the necessary changes. And at the end of the day, whatever it is that bothers you, just sleep it off!

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