5 Reasons Why Broken People Are Also The Strongest

When two people get into a relationship with one another, it’s always essential that they are able to serve as emotional support systems for each other. Any kind of intimate relationship is always going to require a certain sense of emotional openness and reliance. And when there is a failure to meet emotional needs in a romantic relationship, then there is essentially a cap on the level of intimacy in the relationship because of it. There can be very harmful repercussions on a person’s emotional well-being when certain needs and expectations aren’t being met.

There are those of us who are unlucky enough to have experienced being in emotionally traumatic, abusive, and manipulative relationships. These are the relationships that leave people feeling emotionally drained, bent, and broken. You might be fortunate enough to have never been victimized by an emotionally manipulative individual. But there are a lot of unfortunate souls out there who have had to endure the hardships that accompany these kinds of relationships. They are very broken up on the inside. And don’t make a mistake about it, they are far from being okay. They probably still carry a lot of baggage. They are still probably nursing a lot of their wounds. But you shouldn’t take that to mean that they are weak on the inside. You shouldn’t take that to mean that they are the most gullible and foolish people in the world.

You might be assuming that just because this person has gone through some very traumatic stuff in life, that automatically means that they are just really all kinds of fragile. But here’s the thing, they may be broken, but they’re far from being fragile. In fact, there are the kinds of people who grow on to become the strongest and most resilient human beings you are ever going to meet. This is what happens to them as a result of all the hardships that they have had to endure in life. They walked through fire and they emerged burnt, but also stronger.

Remember that real growth only ever really happens outside of a person’s comfort zone. And the very fact that they’ve been placed in dramatic situations of severe discomfort so many times before means that they have grown substantially. And if you’re still not convinced, then you should really read the rest of this article. Here are 5 reasons why broken people are also the strongest ones:

1. They know how to fend for themselves.

A broken person is always going to be independent. They are so used to just fending for themselves in life, that they have developed a kind of self-reliance already. They don’t really have to depend on other people to fight their battles for them. They know how to solve problems on their own, and they don’t really need anyone else to solve their problems on their behalf.

2. They know how to stay positive in times of adversity.

They have been faced with so many challenges in the past that they’ve practically taught themselves to always stay poised and composed. They have grown to become so good at staying positive and optimistic even when faced with adversity. They have grown a certain resilience that enables them to just keep on grinding in life no matter how tough the terrain might be. They just keep journeying on even when the odds are stacked against them.

3. They show great empathy and sensitivity.

They have been through substantial hardship in life, and they know that anyone they might meet is also fighting some kind of battle that they know absolutely nothing about. And that’s why they always make it a point to be sensitive and empathetic. They always try to take into consideration the emotional well-being of other people because they know how valuable any kind of help is going to be.

4. They are very kind and generous.

These broken people are very kind and generous. They understand that it’s always important to be of service to other people. They know that it’s impossible to make it in this world alone. That’s why they always want to be of assistance to others whenever possible.

5. They know how to adapt to whatever situation.

A broken person is always going to be adaptable; that’s the reason that they’re still alive and kicking. That’s the reason that they’re still here making a mark on the world. If it weren’t for their ability to adapt to changing and unfavorable circumstances, they would be long gone by now. But they’re still here. And they’re really disproving their own weaknesses.

So, the next time you chance upon someone who is just so broken up because of emotional trauma, don’t be so quick to dismiss them. You would be surprised at the kind of life lessons you would be able to learn from someone who has been through hell and back.

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