10 Morning Texts That Can Make His Whole Day

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Morning texts can make your whole day, literally, if they carry a sweet little message. If you have run out of ideas, here are 10 different kinds of morning texts that would definitely make him smile in the morning.

1. Good morning, I love you:

Something as simple as a random I love you can make a lot of difference in his day. This text might even be the best of all while being the shortest. The reminder of having someone who keeps it in mind to express their love for you the first thing when they wake up is a special feeling. If you send him this simple text, his morning is sure to be pleasant just like his reply to it.

2. I wish I woke with you by my side:

Waking up under your sheets and reading a text that says that she wants to be with you at this instant can give you the energy needed to leave the bed. He would just be more eager to start his day so that he finally gets to meet you. This romantic expression of a little wish can lighten up his mood and who knows when he tries to make that wish come true.

3. I saw you in my dream last night:

Type it only if it actually happened, of course. If it did, do not forget to write it down in the morning text. Our dreams might not be in our control but they do imply that we have thoughts of him buried somewhere in our sub-conscious mind and that can instantly make him feel special. Telling him what happened in the dream can lead to an interesting conversation.

4. Come over, I’ll cook you breakfast:

If you are away from him and really want to be with him, what better time other than breakfast? That way, you would not have to wait all day to see his face. Write that wish down in your morning text so that he hurries up and drives to your house and you two can enjoy the morning coffee on the couch together.

5. I wish I could give you a morning kiss:

It is nice to be cheesy once in a while and, undoubtedly, kisses are the easiest way of saying I love you and every other equivalent expression. If you cannot kiss him good morning, tell him you would love to do it in a morning text. He might get out of his sheets and drive all the way to you to get that morning kiss from you.

6. Good morning! I am so lucky to have you:

Being reminded that your presence in someone’s life makes a big difference must be a wonderful thing to feel in the morning, all before starting the day. This little expression can cheer him up and encourage him to keep making you feel lucky by going out of his way to do extraordinary things for you. Open, honest expressions in the morning never go ignored.

7. I have a long day ahead, I wish I could see your sleepy face this morning:

Texting him in spite of having a busy schedule will make him realize how much he matters to you. A simple sight of his adorable sleepy face would have made your day; knowing this, he would try his best to be with you as soon as possible. Even if he cannot do so, the mere thought of you keeping him in your mind all day will make him smile like an idiot.

8. Good morning, handsome!

Just a little text with you admitting that he is handsome can make him smirk for a good minute. Sometimes, even a little consideration from the person we hold dear is enough to keep us going all day. If you are in a hurry and do not have much time to write everything that is on your mind, a ˜good morning handsome’ would do.

9. I sleep happy and I wake up happy because of you:

When there is no rush and enough time to say everything that is on your mind in the morning, tell him how he makes a positive effect on your life. Tell him how a good conversation with him at nights makes you happy and you cuddle your pillow in place of him, sometimes. It will overwhelm him to know that it is he who makes you sleep so peacefully at nights and keeps you in the same joyous mood in the morning. Being the reason behind someone’s happiness is a wondrous, long-lasting feeling.

10.  wish I could move my schedule and meet you first of all:

Knowing that you want to meet him the first thing in the morning will surely put a smile on his face. Even if your schedule cannot be moved and he cannot meet you before the decided time, this one sweet text in the morning will give both of you enough patience to wait.

Unlike any other texts you will share all day, morning texts are special and their magic stays for a long time. As soon as you open your eyes, say whatever you want to say to him to leave a mark on his heart for the next 24 hours.

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