12 Annoying Things Men Do In Bed

Ladies, do you agree?

Guys, don’t even try to deny it. A lot of you think that you are better than you actually are. You like to beef up your ego to the point of delusion. You think that you can do absolutely no wrong in the bedroom and that you always manage to leave all girls fully satisfied. Let’s be real here. No man is going to be perfect in the bedroom. You are going to have your screw-ups, and some girls are just going to be nice enough to not point them out to you. But secretly, they are laughing at you behind your back.

To make sure that your lack of skills in the bedroom never end up as the subject of ladies’ gossip, you have to avoid doing any of the following things with your sexual partners.

1. You spank her butt playfully.

No, she doesn’t enjoy that. She’s not some sick dominatrix who thinks that plain is the equivalent of pleasure. You might think that it’s playful and that it provides some spark to the sex, but it really doesn’t Quit slapping her butt.

2. You just lie down there leaving her to do all the work on your behalf.

No one likes making love to a corpse. You always have to play an active role in your sexual exploits. Don’t just like her and expect her to do all the work. Be generous and get in on the action as well. Play around with her and show her some of your moves.

3. You force her to recreate some sexual positions that you saw on a porno.

There’s a reason she isn’t a porn star. She’s not some plaything with whom you can just try any sexual position with. A lot of those positions that you see in those videos or read in magazines are too uncomfortable for her and you shouldn’t force her into doing them for you.

4. You ask her too many questions during sex.

Stop asking her if she likes it. Stop asking her how fast she wants you to go. Stop asking her if she’s about to finish. You’re taking away from the sexual experience with all of your questions. If you’re doing something wrong, she’ll let you know.

5. You hide your pleasure when she’s going down on you.

Not every girl likes going down on their men but they do it anyway because they know that you like it. The least you can do when she goes down on you is express your pleasure for it. Stop acting all nonchalant and show her that she’s actually doing a good job.

6. You go down on her when she hasn’t taken a bath yet.

A woman always likes to feel clean before she lets you go down on her. Don’t force her into oral sex if she feels dirty. She won’t enjoy it one bit, and you’ll be doing no one any favors by forcing the issue.

7. You are overly aggressive with your fingers.

You’re not trying to play the piano here. You don’t have to be all over the place with your fingers. Keep things intimate and simple. She doesn’t want you to be all random and sporadic with your finger movements. Find a place that she likes and stay there.

8. You pull her hair too hard when you’re doing it.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Just because you’ve seen it in adult movies before doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to try it in real life. Not too many women are fond of having their hair pulled in general. Don’t think they would ever like it in the bedroom too.

9. You rush through the various stages of sex.

Women like foreplay. That’s a natural fact of life. If you want her to have the most pleasurable sexual experience possible, you will have to invest a lot of time in your foreplay. Don’t rush through it. Make sure she’s ready to move on as you go along.

10. You squeeze her boobs too hard.

They’re breasts. They’re not oranges that are going to sprout out some juice. Don’t squeeze them like they’re some kind of fruit. Be delicate as much as possible.

11. You climax too quickly and you don’t give her a chance to finish.

Stop being so selfish. Sex is a give and take. You can’t expect her to just be a sex machine from which you can extract pleasure. She also wants to have a good time and you have to make sure she finishes every session feeling happy and fulfilled. It’s not all about you.

12. You don’t wash your junior before she goes down on you.

Wash your privates. It’s downright unsanitary for her to be going down on you when you reek of urine and dirt. Take a bath and make sure the experience is as delightful for her as it is for you.

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