9 Common Things That Boyfriends Do Which Their Girlfriends Find Really Annoying

Stop bugging your girl already! You don’t want to lose her, do you?

It’s been said before and it needs to be said again: love is the single most beautiful thing that two people could possibly share in this world. It’s always great to see a couple in love. It’s tantalizing. It’s inspiring. It’s enchanting. It’s just downright magical.

But that’s only when you’re looking at it from afar. When you’re looking at the bigger picture, it always looks grand. However, upon closer inspection, you’re going to realize that the nitty-gritties of love aren’t always going to be so alluring – and that’s the truth.

Love was never designed to be perfect. So you shouldn’t expect it to be perfect at all. No relationships are perfect because no human beings are perfect. And that’s exactly what this article is going to be about. It’s about the many imperfections that can be found in people in relationships – particularly the men in relationships.

When two people are in love in a relationship, they would always try their best to do right by one another. But sometimes, they don’t always manage to meet ideal expectations. They don’t always manage to do the right thing. And that’s part of being human – making mistakes every once in a while.

So if you’re a guy in a relationship, and you are really in love with your girl, then good. Always make sure that she knows just how much you love her and how committed you are to her. But also make it a point to be self-aware.

Be mindful of your actions and how they impact her on an emotional or physical level. It’s this kind of mindfulness and thoughtfulness that really strengthens the love and bond within a relationship. You might think that you’re the perfect boyfriend, but chances are that you’re not. And if you’re guilty of doing a lot of the things listed on here, then you need to really work on your boyfriend skills.

1. You let your cheesy self get the best of you even when she’s trying to have a serious conversation with you.

If she’s trying to have a serious talk with you, then take it seriously. If you just act all lovey-dovey with her, she’s going to feel like her feelings and emotions don’t really matter much to you. And that hurts.

2. You are an extremist when it comes to PDA; either you do it too much, or you don’t do it at all.

PDA is a good thing when practiced in moderation. Do it too much, and she will think that you’re obsessed with her. Do it too little, and she will think that you’re just plain uninterested in her.

3. You have your fair share of lady friends; but you get upset whenever she hangs out with her guy friends.

You should both be free to have friends of the opposite sex outside of the relationship. You can’t be controlling each other’s lives.

4. You only ever really compliment her about how she looks.

When you compliment her, don’t limit yourself to her looks. Make sure that you see her as a human being – and not an object of visual pleasure. There are other aspects to her character that make you attracted to her.

5. You cancel on planned dates.

Never ever cancel on planned dates on a consistent basis. It’s rude and insensitive. You don’t want her to think like you always prioritize other things in life over her.

You don’t clean up after yourself.

She’s your girlfriend; not your personal housemaid. Learn to pick up after yourself. You can’t expect her to be doing everything for you. You have to have a sense of independence if you want to keep her in your life.

6. You automatically dismiss her feelings and you tell her that she’s just overreacting.

You should never be dismissive of her feelings. Always give her a safe space to express herself. And really pay attention to whatever she has to say to you.

7. You forget to do the things that you promised to do for her.

Stop forgetting to keep your promises. Remember, she trusts you. And the more that you break promises to her, the more her trust for you will wane. So always do your best to keep your word. Be reliable. Be dependable.

8. You hang out with ex-girlfriends without telling her first.

It’s one thing to hang out with your ex even when you’re in a relationship with her. But it’s another thing to be hanging out with your ex without telling your girl beforehand. She is going to think that some shady stuff is going down.

9. Final Thoughts

So men, be more sensitive. Yes, your girl is madly in love with you. But you can’t take that for granted. Never grow complacent. Always make sure that you hear her out. Be mindful of what you do and say to her. And make sure that your love is always what she feels more than anything else in the relationship.

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