A Relationship Expert Reveals The 10 Best Habits Of The Most Intimate Couples

When you’re experienced enough in the world of love and relationships, you aren’t going to be able to deny the value of establishing intimacy with your significant other. When you first meet someone you’re interested in, there’s always a little spark that ignites. And if you’re lucky enough to have this person become interested in you as well, you can work on that spark. You can harness that romantic energy and you can turn it into something special. And that’s why the early aspects of a relationship are always so exciting.

The heat of the flame is so fresh and new; everything seems so thrilling and exhilarating. This is the honeymoon phase of the relationship; where it seems like nothing could possibly go wrong. And couples are always going to try their best to prolong this phase for as long as they can. However, it’s eventually going to get to a point wherein the relationship reaches its ceiling; and when that happens, couples are going to have to find new ways to connect and bond with one another.

Because at the end of the day, that’s what a relationship really is. It’s a bond and a connection between two people who love one another. When you want to have a lifelong romance with someone, you are going to want to strengthen your connection throughout the duration of your relationship. The moment that you decide that it’s okay to stop working on your romance is also the moment that your relationship will start to wither and die. Falling in love might seem easy. But sustaining a love with someone is a completely different story. Remember that in relationships, it’s not about how you start – it’s how you’re able to keep things going especially when the hard times come.

And that’s why intimacy between two people in love is always going to be very important in a relationship. But what exactly is intimacy? We recently got in touch with a relationship expert and he has explained intimacy to be the semi-tangible closeness that two people have with one another. And that closeness can be manifested in various forms. Intimacy can be emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. And he also explains that the best and strongest couples are the ones who are able to build on their intimacy on a daily basis. The closer that two people are in a relationship, the better equipped they will be to overcome whatever challenges may come their way.

Building intimacy in a relationship doesn’t have to be such a hard task. It’s just something that you have to commit yourself to on a daily basis. Even just simply following a few healthy habits consistently as a couple will be enough to bring you closer and closer for the duration of your relationship. Here are a relationship expert’s top tips for couples who want to get more intimate with one another.

1. Be emotionally open to one another.

Never be afraid to make yourselves vulnerable to each other. Open up to one another as much as possible.

2. Always show gratitude and appreciation.

Make sure your partner knows just how valuable they are to you. A partner who knows that they’re needed is someone who is more likely to stay in love.

3. Embrace the grind of a relationship.

Relationships aren’t always going to be so exciting – and that’s okay. There is a certain comfort in routine and predictability. And you always want to be comfortable with one another.

4. Be willing to be spontaneous.

Yes, you must learn to embrace the grind of a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be shaking things up every now and then. Go on trips together. Learn new hobbies with each other.

5. Don’t walk away from arguments.

Arguments aren’t always bad. In fact, they can be opportunities for you to get even closer as a couple. You just have to make sure that the both of you keep your feelings at bay so that you can communicate maturely and effectively.

6. Learn more about each other every day.

You are both dynamic human beings. You are constantly changing and growing every day; and with that growth, the learning never stops.

7. Listen to your partner.

Always make it a habit to listen to your partner; no matter how foolish they might be with their declarations. Never make them feel like you aren’t willing to listen.

8. Keep physically fit together.

When couples share fitness goals, it gives them something to strive toward together. Add on top of that the physical benefits of living a healthier lifestyle – there are many benefits to keeping fit as a couple.

9. Laugh with each other as much as possible.

Laughter has a way of establishing a sense of comfort and joy in a relationship. And couples that connect with one another’s sense of humor are often the closest and the strongest ones.

10. Be physically affectionate with each other.

Manifest all of that love and affection that you have for your partner in the form of hugs and kisses. Never be too shy to express your love for your partner in a physical manner.

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