A Truly Appreciative Partner Would Do These 8 Things For You

In the realms of love and romance, you have probably gone through your fair share of pains and disappointments. You have probably loved those who just couldn’t love you in return. You have probably been in relationships with people who just didn’t value you the way that you should have been valued.

Maybe you have been used and abused so many times in the past. Perhaps you have been deceived and manipulated. Maybe you’ve been ignored and cast to the side. Whatever the case, none of these struggles are ever going to be easy. And they’re part of what makes the journey towards true love such a grueling and difficult one.

You might have had your self-esteem and confidence damaged by such toxic relationships before. Maybe you have come to think so lowly of yourself because of your failed attempts at love. Perhaps you have developed a kind of self-worth issue as a result of you being mistreated by the people you were in relationships with.

And that’s normal. It’s perfectly normal to feel that way. However, you shouldn’t be allowing yourself to wallow in your own pity for far too long. You still need to be making sure that you preserve your sense of self-worth. You need to make sure that you still see yourself as someone who is WORTHY of being treated with love, respect, and compassion.

And you’re going to realize that once you meet the one who is going to do right by you. It’s truly an exhilarating experience whenever the person you love happens to love you in return; when the person you regard so highly happens to see the value in your life as well. And you would know that a person is deeply appreciative of you if they happen to do these things:

1. They check up on you on a consistent basis.

A person who genuinely knows your worth is someone who would always be making sure that you are alright. That’s how you know that your partner definitely doesn’t take you for granted. They are always checking up on you because they are sincerely concerned about your well-being.

2. They never make you feel like they would abandon you.

You have a partner who lets you know that you should never have to worry about being left out in the cold. You know that you have someone who is really going to stick things through with you. This is a person who would never leave or abandon you most especially during the darkest times of your life.

3. They show up whenever you need them.

And whenever you call for them, they are always there to show up. This is the kind of partner who espouses a kind of reliability that you just can’t get from a lot of people nowadays. You know that you have someone who is always going to be there for you when you are in need.

4. They discuss a future with you.

If you have a partner who actually talks about the future with you, then you know you have someone who is always going to care about preserving what you have. It’s always a great sign when you have someone who plans things out with you. It shows that they treasure what you already have and will do whatever it takes to keep it going long into the future.

5. They make sure that you know they would stay loyal to you.

When it comes to them cheating on you, they make sure that you never have to worry. They will always conduct themselves in a manner that assures you of their loyalty and commitment to you. They would never do or say anything that would make you feel threatened.

6. They make you feel comfortable in opening up about your feelings.

You never have to worry about being honest and open with this person. When it comes to your feelings, you are always free to express them however you see fit. You are always encouraged to bare your soul because your partner offers you a safe space to do so. You never have to worry about being judged, ridiculed, or criticized at all.

7. They proudly brag you off to everyone in their life.

You know that you are with someone who really understands your worth when they aren’t afraid of bragging you off to the outside world. They are always so quick to make it known to everyone around them that the two of you are together. They would never want to hide you or conceal you from anyone.

8. You will know it deep down inside that you’re the one who’s meant for them.

And deep down in your gut, you’re just going to know that this person understands you more than anyone else in this life. Your instincts are telling you that you aren’t going to be mistreated or manipulated at all because you’re with someone who will always take care of you.

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