Bride Gets Angry When Sister-in-Law Refuses to Babysit 40 Kids at Wedding

When a wedding is being planned, a lot of stress is usually involved because of the infinite things that are on everyone’s minds. However, one thing that stays constant during that time is family support. Families know how difficult it is to have your big day, and they do their best to support each other.

Today’s Reddit post is about a woman whose brother is getting married. The wife-to-be asked this woman to babysit 40 something children at her wedding. Reddit user Maximum_Somewhere281 posted her situation on AITA (Am I the A**hole?), asking whether she did the right thing or not.

She said:

*Fake Names*

“My (20f) brother, Nate (28m) is going to get married to his fiancee, Emily (32f) in a week. I was extremely close to my brother growing up, he’s my favorite out of all my siblings. However, when he started dating Emily, we kinda grew apart but we still talk often. Emily, on the other hand, we don’t get along at all. She hasn’t done anything to me, I haven’t done anything to her, we just don’t see eye to eye on things.”

“They’re having a ‘child-free’ wedding. But in Emily’s eyes, a child is anyone under twenty-one years old. I know, dumba** rule. Originally, I wasn’t allowed to be there for the ceremony or reception. I told Nate how much it would hurt to not be there for his big day, so he ended up convincing Emily to let me stay for the ceremony.”

“We had a family dinner earlier this week and Emily brought up that she would like to have a daycare service for the children of her guests at the wedding. And somehow, she mentioned that she would love for me and my boyfriend (20m) to look over the kids. My bf and I love children, we’re actually studying to become a teacher and pediatrician. We were on board with it until we heard that we’d be watching 40-ish kids for six hours, and only get paid $50 each. We agreed that we’d do it for $150 each, but Emily insisted on her original offer. And then Nate got involved, saying he told Emily that we’d be happy to watch the children and it would save them a lot of money, and how it’s too late for them to find a different sitter.”

“The more I refused, the angrier Emily got. She proceeded to tell me that I was being a greedy, selfish brat, and that I should be paying her since she’d be giving me practice for my teaching career. And then she said that if I don’t do this, I will ruin her wedding and won’t be welcome at the ceremony.”

“At this point, the dinner’s ruined. My bf’s uncomfortable, I’m pissed, and the entire restaurant is staring at our table because Emily’s practically screaming. We paid for our food and went home.”

“Now here’s where I may be an a**hole. I honestly don’t care about babysitting. In fact, I would probably do it for free. My entire family knows this. That’s why they’re so mad at me right now. My phone has been blowing up all evening, telling me that I should want to do anything that will make my brother’s wedding perfect and I’m being a childish a**hole.

“Sure it sucks I’ll probably not be at the wedding, but I’m sick of Emily being a b*tch to me. I feel bad for putting Nate in this position and I hope this doesn’t ruin our relationship too much, but it is what it is.”

“I know I’m being kinda childish about this, however, I do not think I’m being an a**hole. So, what do you guys think? Am I the a**hole for ruining my brother’s wedding and potentially our relationship?”

The Responses

Everyone on Reddit supported this woman for walking away. She was put in a very difficult position and was also made to feel less than because of it. For context, NTA means “Not the A**hole.” Here are some of the best comments:

littlebeanonwheels said:

“NTA- wtf?!? They don’t want you to attend the wedding but you’re allowed to work it?!? If she thinks 21 is a child, tell her it’s irresponsible to have a child in charge of 40 other children and decline.”

firefly232 wrote:


“And I think you and your boyfriend need to decline the invitation to the wedding, both the ceremony and reception. Make plans to be elsewhere.”

Allaboutbird commented:

“NTA. This whole situation is ridiculous. Excluding a 20-year-old SIBLING of the groom because a wedding is “child-free” is ridiculous. Expecting you to do really hard work for almost no money while you’re being excluded is ridiculous. Stick to your guns now because this is the kind of person who will push boundaries forever if you don’t.”

This post has over 2.1k comments, read them all on Reddit here.

Our Take

NTA. This woman is right for doing what she did. She doesn’t owe her brother’s wife any favors when she’s being so mean and harsh with her. We think the brother in this situation should have supported his sister.

What’s Your Take?

What’s your take on this situation? Share your take in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

  1. My younger brother was 17 when our older brother got married and 19 when I got married. Guess what – he was IN both weddings and brought a date.

  2. I agree with the sister….This is a huge liability!!! How old are the kids? Babies? Diapers changed? Mixing ages? Where would 40 kids be housed? What kind of activities will you be doing with then for 6 hours? CPS can get involved because that’s too many kids for an unlicensed childcare facility!

  3. I think sister-in-law should rethink who she is. You can’t expect you fiance’s sister to not come to her brother’s wedding because she’s too young (what a slap in the face) and then ask her and herbf to watch upward of 40 kids and pay them next to nothing. The money isn’t really the issue. The issue is excluding her from the wedding. The brother needs to re-think who he is marrying and both he and the family should have stood behind her. The bride to be should not have left these arrangement to the last minute and expected her to fill in. How insensitive can you be. Gamily member (including those coming in to the family) should treat each other with love and respect.

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