Elderly Couple Bought Home Appliances in the ‘50s and They Still Work Today!

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When you think about how technology is progressing rapidly, it’s becoming a lot easier for people to discard their belongings once the newest and shiniest toys come out. Think of all the iPhones that end up in landfills even when they’re in good working condition because people constantly feel the need to upgrade to the latest and greatest model. Technological advancement isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself, but there is something to be said about consumer behavior, particularly in sustainability. Some people will argue that consumer tech products just aren’t designed to be used for more than a couple of years. But as Sydney and Rachel Saunders will prove to you, it’s possible to make your devices last for as long as half a century.

‘If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It’

Sydney and Rachel Saunders are from the United Kingdom. They’re both in their ‘80s, and there are admittedly not many remarkable things about them. But one tidbit that is worth mentioning is that this couple lives in a home filled with appliances that were purchased well over half a century ago. Specifically, their dryer, cooker, boiler, and washing machine were all purchased back in 1956 when they were a young couple. Of course, holding on to these possessions is a remarkable feat in itself. But what makes it even more remarkable is the fact that these devices are still working well.

Mr. Saunders attributes the longevity of his devices to the superior craftsmanship that went into the manufacturing of these devices.

“Things were made better in those days, they were more durable and stronger.”

His wife Rachel agrees with her husband’s sentiments on the matter.

“We were given the washing machine when we were married – 62 years ago – and the last time it was used was 12 years ago. As far as I know it’s still in full working order, it just leaks a bit. You just don’t get appliances made like that today.”

Finally Saying Goodbye

After literal decades of use, the couple has finally decided to part with their home appliances. However, instead of flipping them for profit, Mr. Saunders would rather that their beloved appliances be preserved the way that they currently stand.

 “I’d like them to go to a museum or something like that so they can be preserved.”

It’s worth noting the price differences of these devices now and what they cost back then. When they first bought it, the Servis washing machine they used could be had for around $80. Nowadays, adjusted for inflation, that amounts to around $736 by today’s standards.

This couple just proves that you always have the ability to make things last just as long as you take care of them.

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