Experts Reveal The 8 Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

It’s sad but it’s also the truth; emotionally-abusive relationships really do exist.

It’s sad but it’s also the truth. There are some very toxic and abusive people out their who bring their destructive tendencies along with them into relationships. And when one isn’t careful, there is a risk of being victimized by an abusive person especially when one isn’t able to directly spot the signs. It’s hard for a lot of people to be able to admit that the relationships that they’re in are emotionally abusive one. For one, love has a tendency to blind us from the harsh realities of life. Our feelings and emotions have a way of feeding into our biases; and a lot of us don’t want to believe that our relationship is a bad one. And when that happens, we deliberately dull our own senses so that we don’t really have to face the truth. And there are other instances wherein victims who have weak and fragile personalities are just plain unaware of the abuse that is thrown their way on a consistent basis in the relationship.

It can be very tempting to just ignore all of the bad signs; to just hope that eventually all of the issues and problems in your relationship will fix themselves. That’s understandable. Facing the truth is a scary and intimidating ordeal; but it’s also a necessary one. You have to understand that the longer you prolong the trend of abuse in the relationship, then you are the only one who will end up suffering because of it. You can’t allow yourself to remain the victim throughout the romance. In fact, there should be no victims in a romance at all. That it’s why it’s absolutely crucial for you to know just what an emotionally abusive relationship looks like so that you arm yourself with heightened senses and a more profound understanding of the situation.

A team of relationship experts have gathered and have come up with a definitive list of signs that you just happen to be stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship. If you find that most of the items on this list just happen to apply to your relationship, you have to take action. You have to make a change. Either you walk away from this person completely, or you force them to change for the better. Either way, you can’t allow yourself to be content with the state of your relationship. You have to have the courage to stand up for yourself. Burn some bridges if you really have to. Here are the signs that you have to look out for in an emotionally abusive relationship:

1. Your partner obsessively needs to win every argument.

If your partner is constantly trying to win every argument, then it means that they are more invested in being right than they are in actually making the relationship work. Sometimes, it’s a matter of being able to just let things go.

2. Your partner constantly tries to make you feel bad.

Your partner is constantly trying to destroy your self-esteem so that you have to grow more and more dependent in the relationship and in them. They do this by insulting you and demeaning you whenever they can.

3. Your partner doesn’t really pay attention to what you say.

They don’t really care much about your opinion on things. They only ever want to do what they want and they have no regard for whatever it is you have to say. To them, you are a mere object in their life.

4. Your partner makes you feel like you’re just acting crazy all the time.

They will lead you to believe that all the toxic behavior that you think is happening is only coming from your mind. You will be made to think that you’re crazy and that you can’t really think for yoursel

5. Your partner will blame you for their own poor behavior.

Your partner will always deflect whatever responsibility or accountability they might have for their own actions. They will find a way to pin it on you.

6. Your partner will make you think that they are the only ones you can depend on for love.

Your abusive partner will find a way to make you think that you couldn’t possibly survive on your own. This way, you will be made to think that you need to attach yourself to the relationship no matter how toxic it may be.

7. Your partner doesn’t respect your boundaries.

You may still think that your sense of individuality is still intact, but your partner is trying to break it down bit by bit.

8. Your partner does just enough good things to keep you on the leash.

They won’t ALWAYS be bad and toxic to you. That’s their game. They will act nice towards you just enough to make you hope that there’s still a chance for change even though the sad reality is that they’re only playing with you.

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  1. I’m in one now. I don’t have the energy to leave, but staying is stealing years off my life. I just don’t want to do this anymore. Why do things have to be like this? I’m so tired.

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