Financially Smart – This Woman Only Spent Around $221 on Food in 2021

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Today’s story comes from Pontypridd, South Wales, UK. It’s about a woman named Sharon Adams who has some incredible handle on her finances. She talks about how she spent only £163 (about $221) on food all year during 2021 – and not by starving or going hungry, she just did it intelligently.

It’s All About the Yellow Stickers

Sharon Adams, 48-years-old, is super-selective about shopping for groceries and food items. During her shopping trips, she looks for the items with yellow stickers on them – which tells her the food is priced at a lower price than it originally was while still being fresh.

She goes all around her town’s supermarkets in Pontypridd, looking for discounted items and on-sale stock to get. And as for how she keeps the food fresh throughout the year, she keeps everything in two freezers.

According to Sharon:

“Yellow sticker shopping has really helped me to stretch the pennies and the pounds.

“If I can sniff a yellow sticker reduction out, I will.

“I budget £10 a week on food shopping, and often find that I can spread that amount further.

“I tend to go to Morrisons and Asda in the evening as they always have the best reductions.”

“Other supermarkets like Aldi, I don’t go to that often as its further away, but I actually went there once and managed to get £40 worth of meat for £11 as everything was 75% off in the reduced section.

“I go to my local McColls a lot too, and they have a lot of reductions that are usually around 10 pence each.”

We think Sharon is a genius at her craft and she teaches all of us a thing or two about being a bit more financially sound.

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