Firefighter Performed CPR on Dying Wife Days After Son Died in the Same Blaze at Home

Walter Stewart tried saving his wife, but she died from injuries after a fire broke out at their home.

It has been reported that Walter from Chicago was on duty when he received a call about the fire break out at his residence in the Montclare neighborhood.

“The fire broke out shortly after 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday on the 2500 block of North Rutherford Avenue, the Chicago Police Department said in a statement previously obtained by PEOPLE.”

“Afterwards, the mother and her three children, who all “suffered smoke inhalation” were “transported to various hospitals in critical condition,” according to the Police.

Although Stewart was on a different crew when he saw his house address appear on the scanner, he rushed back home.

Unfortunately, his wife, Summer Day-Stewart, 36, couldn’t survive and passed from the injuries.

What’s more devastating is that Walter didn’t only lose his wife in the horrific incident but his son too.

Stewart’s seven-year-old son died the same day the fire broke out at their home, two days before his wife died.

“It’s a living hell he’s going through right now,” a spokesperson from Union Local 2 told Fox News.

“I was shocked. There was so many firefighters leaving, so many police. It’s crazy. It hits so close to home, right across the street,” one neighbor the news outlet.

“I heard a pop, looked out my dining room window, and I see flames coming out of the kitchen window. Promptly called the fire department and they were here very quickly. They broke down the front door,” another said.

“The sirens kept coming. When I looked out, it was just the scene you don’t want to see … saw smoke coming from the roof – and the house was on fire,” a third added.

According to a fire department spokesperson, the fire started in the kitchen.

“The couple’s other two children – a 2-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter – remain in critical condition. They have been unconscious since the fire broke out,” per Fox News.

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