3 Young Men Run to Grab Shaky Elderly Couple As Cop Watches in Awe of Their Kindness

This is the story of three young men who helped an elderly couple at a gas station while a cop watched in awe.

A few years ago, Rose Griest, who was 89 at that time, was returning from her doctor’s appointment in Orlando, Florida, when she and her husband, David, 100, stopped at a gas station to use the restroom.

The pair parked their SUV at the first gas station on their way and used the bathroom. When they returned to their vehicle to resume their journey, they felt exhausted and weak.

As seen in the viral footage, Rose felt so weak that she struggled with her walker to get to her car; she was visibly shaky. So did David.

Police officer Kanesha Carnegie who happened to be present at the gas station was watching the couple from some distance and was on her way to help them when she saw three men quickly running towards the couple to help them.

The three men were local rappers Freddy G., Marty, and Joc Koe Stoe. They were buying snacks inside the gas station when they saw Rose and David struggling while getting into their car and failing. Without thinking twice, the three men rushed towards the couple to give them a hand.

Officer Carnegie, who knew the men as she lived in the same area as them, started recording the event as it was really heartwarming to see those men helping out the elderly couple in getting settled in their car seats.

“I kept thinking, ‘She could have been my grandmother,'” Carnegie told Fox 5.

In the clip, it could be seen that 89-year-old Rose was so tired that she almost fell down at one point, but the three men held her and gave her support – two of them held her in their arms to keep her steady while the third man grabbed her walker. Then they gently made her sit inside the car and made sure she was comfortable in her seat.

The men then proceeded to help David.

The clip amassed over 14 million views on YouTube, and the comment section was flooded with appreciation remarks for the three considerate men.

“That young man’s parting words…”You take it easy mama”. That caught my heart . Glad this went viral. Shows the parents of these three young men what a wonderful job they did raising them!” one wrote.

“Those boys did the right thing, and were probably raised right by their parents/grandparents,” a second said.

“I’m crying my eyes out, this is what we need more of,” added another.

“Stuff like this happens everyday everywhere but unfortunately people mainly hear when bad things happen and that creates a false impression about the world and each other. Good to see the positive side of human nature being given some publicity,” someone wrote.

“It’s nice to see these men being portrayed in this positive way and not the way we normally see them when it comes to the media: as criminals or prisoners. Thank you so much for sharing!” said someone else.

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Source: YouTube

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