A Woman Going Back Home at Night Gets Followed by a Group of 3 Men, Hugs a Stranger & Asks for Help

We live in a world that can get pretty scary sometimes – it’s dark, cruel, and bleak when it wants to be. Today’s story comes from New York, USA.

A post went viral when a man Tweeted what happened to him as he was going back home one night, and a random woman hugged him and asked for help.

A Good Man Protects

The hero of our story goes by the name @WonderKing82 on Twitter. He posted the entire story in a thread that has now gone viral, receiving praises and support from all over the world.

Here is how the incident took place, as told by the man himself by posting this thread on his Twitter:

Right Place, Right Time

We are truly grateful for this heroic human being for being there. This woman was all alone, followed by a group of three men who kept following her throughout her journey. She even tried to stop at a store, and they went with her.

Until she saw our hero, saw the inviting smile on his face and her instincts told her to hug him and ask for help. He walked her home, making sure she was safe, and the group of three men couldn’t do anything.

Everyone on Twitter thanked the man for being a good human being.

A Real-Life Superhero

@WonderKing82, thank you for being a true gentleman. Thank you for being there, and we hope more men like you can be there. Our hearts go off to you!

You can follow him on his Twitter & Instagram.


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  1. In a world where we hear such negative stories in the media, this story was a breath of fresh air. So happy this positive story was shared. I’m proud that man walked the woman home.
    I think God protected this woman and used a man with a compassionate heart to make sure she made it home safely to her children. God Bless you😊

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