J-Lo Says Guys Are Mostly Useless Until They Turn 33

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got. She’s still Jenny from the block. And the truth is that J-Lo has definitely been around the block quite a few times now when it comes to love and relationships. So, in some weird way, it makes perfect sense to actually heed her advice on relationships and dating. She must have picked up a few valuable lessons over the years.

Tinder recently uploaded a video to YouTube as a part of their Swipe Sessions series. The 48-year-old superstar chatted it up with Brooke Ashley and offered a few pointers and tips on what you might need to look for in a romantic partner.

The iconic singer and actress definitely didn’t hold back on the knowledge that she decided to impart on the viewers at all. In fact, she candidly said that all men are essentially useless until they turn 33. What prompted Lopez to say this was when a 29-year-old man named Maurice popped up on Brooke’s Tinder profile.

via YouTube/Tinder
via YouTube/Tinder
via YouTube/Tinder

Before the two started browsing through their Tinder feeds, J.Lo decided to look at Brooke’s profile and make sure that everything was fine and dandy.

Brooke confessed that she had only recently started resorting to online dating and that she was definitely looking for a guy who wouldn’t be afraid of being a true man’s man. She referenced the idea of a man who would have no problems with doing chores like chopping wood.

However, J.Lo was quick to remind Brooke that it wouldn’t really be often that she would require a man to chop up wood for her.

“What do you really need?” asked J.Lo as she was scrutinizing Brooke’s profile.

The pop sensation was definitely unimpressed at Brooke’s description of herself. All that she had in her bio was “Yoga and Wine,” which J.Lo scoffed at. She said that it didn’t really give men any proper information or idea about who she was and what she was looking for.

“This is more my kind of guy,” J.Lo said about one guy who popped up on their feed. “He has a baseball hat on. He’s outdoorsy. He looks like he chops wood.”

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J.Lo also showed some visible displeasure over a man who said in his bio that things would only ever really work out between him and another person if they didn’t place their ketchup in the fridge.

It’s the kind of bio that some people would consider to be edgy so it definitely set himself apart from others. But he was also essentially boxing himself in with that kind of description.

At the end of the video, J.Lo was utterly impressed by a man who said in his profile that he had some skills on the dance floor.

She then told Brooke to send him a few lines of her songs. The man then responded with a GIF of Lopez herself dancing.

Lopez has had her fair share of heartaches in dating. But she is now happily engaged to baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez.

The two first got together back in February 2017.


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