Glittered – This Woman uses Glitter to get Revenge on Cheating Boyfriend

We’ve been writing since 2012, and it’s always painful when it has to be about cheating. We have always advised against cheating – if you can’t stay with your partner, don’t cheat and have a conversation to go your separate ways.

Today’s story comes from Durham, England. Jade Butters, who works as a nurse, got revenge on her now-ex boyfriend after she discovered multiple messages and photos he exchanged with other women.

She found out various texts & photos he sent to several women through his Apple Watch. The couple had been dating for three years, and she said it was mostly pleasant and lovely.

According to Jade:

“The first couple of years were really nice and light hearted. It was a good relationship, we’d do things together and were really lovey dovey.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I was on his Apple watch looking for games because I was thinking of getting one and some messages popped up but I thought they were just from a game server.

It was playing on my mind so I went back to check and I saw he’d been messaging other girls and sending photos.

I just said ‘I’m calling it quits and leaving’. I wasn’t putting up with it. I was disgusted and devastated, I just couldn’t understand why he’d do that.

It was just before Christmas and we were ready to start a new year and then I found that.”

But before moving out, she decided to buy some 82 glitter tubes and poured them all over her ex-boyfriends things.

Jade said:

“We got a £15 Amazon voucher from work for Christmas,

I spent the entire voucher on 82 tubes of glitter. I know how glitter can get really annoying and I just thought it’d be a really good idea to spread it around his house. Work gave me the gift of revenge for Christmas.”

She continued:

“At first, I thought I’d be grown up and the bigger person, but after I’d done it I felt so proud. I can’t stop smiling when I think about it.

I didn’t want to do anything that would be criminal damage or that would hurt someone’s feelings, it’s just a harmless prank.”

When she collected her belongings from his house while he was out, she decided to do the deed. Jade spoke about it:

“I still had a key so we agreed that I’d go and collect my stuff while he was at work so I used it as my opportunity to do it’, she said. 

I put it in the washing up liquid, washing powder at the top of his toothpaste so when he goes to brush his teeth it all falls out, in the drawer of the washing machine and in all his pockets.

I thought about putting it in the toilet system. I put it in his bedding so it’ll fall out when he strips the bed. It’ll be haunting him for years.

When I left, the house looked like it hadn’t been touched, it looked the same so he wouldn’t have noticed at first but he will when he goes to do a wash or brush his teeth.”

She recorded a short clip and posted it on her TikTok, you can watch it here. Unsurprisingly, her ex-boyfriend wasn’t happy with what she’d done.

Jade said about their last conversation that happened over messages:

“He messaged saying he loves a bit of glitter but then he called it a ‘c**t move.

I think the ‘c**t move’ is messaging other girls. I haven’t heard much from him since.”

We hope Jade finds a better partner in the future, nobody deserves to be cheated on!

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  1. I once ordered a million baby cockroaches online and went to my cheating fiancé’s house, removed the covers to the electrical outlets and dumped them in his walls…. he has just put it on the market…

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