Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter, Holly Ramsay, Celebrates Two Years of Sobriety

British chef, Gordon Ramsay’s daughter, marks two years without drinking alcohol. The 22-year-old took to her social media account and discussed the significance of quitting alcohol.

“Today marks two years since I last had alcohol,” she wrote on her Instagram on Wednesday.

“Two years ago today I hit rock bottom, I was terrified. I certainly didn’t think I would be where I am today both physically and mentally. I’ve fought every day since to get where I am today.” 

The daughter of the celebrity chef added that she is grateful to her loved ones, including friends and family, for their endless support who helped her come back to life after hitting rock bottom.

“I am so grateful to so many people for their support, encouragement and endless love. I will continue to learn and grow every day. I feel lucky to be able to use my voice to raise awareness and break the stigma around mental health,” she wrote.

Holly concluded her post by saying, “Sending love to anyone who needs it today and always. One day at a time.”

Last year in December, the podcast creator shared in a post on her Instagram that she quit alcohol because it was affecting her mental health, which is a top priority for her.

 “This time last year I was at my lowest and I was scared but I made a decision to take control of what I could — and that meant removing alcohol from my life. Living without alcohol has helped me feel better and more present both mentally and physically.” 

She said that she had her fair share of highs and lows throughout her time to resist and avoid drinking, but she is grateful for not giving up.

“Alcohol and antidepressants do not mix well at all,” she added. “And that is something, unfortunately, I learned the hard way. As with everything I have been through, it has been a learning experience and I feel lucky to be able to post this message today, to continue to spread awareness and break the stigma surrounding mental health.”

Ramsay’s recent post received a tremendous response, and her comment section was filled with congratulatory messages.

“This is amazing, Holly,” one wrote.

“Amazing! Rooting for you always,” another said.

“Well done, Holly. A massive achievement,” a third follower wrote.

Her celebrity father, Gordon Ramsay, also commented on his daughter’s achievement and commented,

“So proud of you @hollyramsayy such an inspiration, keep being you.”

According to The Mirror, Holly had a traumatic experience of sexual assault at the age of 18 which left her with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“Tragically, she then spent three months in a mental health hospital after she struggled to cope,” the outlet wrote.

Holly once said on her 21 & Over podcast: “I went to university, studied fashion design, and I loved it. But by the second half of the first year, I was being affected by my PTSD and I had no idea that this was happening.”

“I was going out a lot, missing class because I’d been out. I wasn’t enjoying myself at all. I was struggling a lot.

“The PTSD was a result of two sexual assaults when I was 18. I didn’t tell anyone about it until a year afterwards. I just buried it in a box in the back of my mind.”

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