Gwen Stefani Explains How She Looks “Ageless” at the Age of 53

Gwen Renée Stefani, popularly known as Gwen Stefani, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and fashion designer. She is also the co-founder, and the lead vocal artist of the rock band, No Doubt.

Her famous songs include Just a Girl, Don’t Speak, Rick Girl, It’s My Life, The Sweet Escape, Luxurious, Hey Baby, and Spiderwebs.

Stefani was born in October 1969 and has recently turned 53. However, the singer’s youthful appearance makes it hard for fans to believe that she is actually over fifty.

On October 3rd, the Hollaback Girl celebrated her 53rd birthday, and many of her fans took to social media and expressed their shock and fascination over her age.

“Gwen Stefani is either ageless or freeze-dried,” Louis Virtel wrote on Twitter.

“Please universe just let me age like Gwen Stefani.” Said another.

“Gwen Stefani looks ageless. She’s looked the same since Hollaback Girl. Werk it.” A third fan commented.

“Wish I had Gwen Stefani’s genetics #ageless.” Another wrote.

According to Daily Mail, the singer and one of the primary lead songwriters of No Doubt shared her secret of eternal youth while she indulged in carpool karaoke with James Corden in 2016.

“I’m writing music about happiness and truth….so that’s what the facelift is,” she told the comedian in an episode of The Late Late Show. “I’m writing music about happiness and truth.”

Earlier this year, the Luxurious singer sat in an interview with Forbes and shared her go-to skincare rules and beauty advice she would give her younger self.

“Skin care is a moving target as you age. Your skin is always changing and evolving. And there are constantly new and improved products being released to try. I’ve always kept my skincare pretty simple and minimal though,” she told the publication.

“My morning routine usually includes a prayer, brushing my teeth, and moisturizing. Occasionally I’ll do a facial massage to decrease any puffiness. At bedtime, I always take off my makeup and put moisturizer on,” she added.

“Everyone has days where your skin isn’t looking its best. On a day like that, I still make sure to do my regular [beauty] routine, but it really depends on what I have going on that day that determines how I treat it.”

“If I’m going out or at a photo shoot or have a performance,” the Sweet Escape singer continued. “I might switch out the type of foundation or concealer I use for something with a little more coverage. If I’m home with my family, I keep my routine simple and just embrace it and let it be.”

The rock artist also noted that one of the main secrets about her younger-looking skin is that she is super fond of sunscreen and never goes out without wearing it.

“I would tell my younger self to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen. I was a lifeguard when I was younger and I grew up at the beach in Orange County. We didn’t really know that the sun could do the damage it does to our skin. I was lucky though, in my 20s I stopped sunbathing.”

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