5 Reasons Why She’s Not The Right Girl For You

We often read about the behavior a man should take on while being in a relationship. The steps that he should take to keep his relationship healthy and how he should have a set of clear, decided goals. The list of rules he is expected to follow in a relationship is a very long one. We forget that we cannot clap with one hand. For a relationship to prosper and a couple to be happy, the girl should work along with the guy in a joint effort to keep her guy satisfied and happy.

We warn girls to look for the red flags and turn around if she finds them. Similarly, we should also ask the boys to remain alert and do not fall prey to false gestures of attention and love. Fake people have mastered the art of making others believe that no one is as truthful as they are. They are damaging and destructive for the one who naively ends up falling for them. Many girls claim that they love their man, but not everyone is capable of loving someone truly, without any personal agendas involved in their grand show emotions.

They are with them to fulfill their needs and desires. There are specific red flags that men need to look after and save themselves from an unwanted relationship and drama. Good men deserve better than what is being served on the table by their two-faced host. Here are a few warning signs that you need to be aware of:

1. She doesn’t appreciate you

Girls who are just superficially into you will never acknowledge any of your efforts. You will go out of your way to make them happy and provide them with everything they ask for, but in the end, it won’t be enough. They will always find it to be less and will never stop asking for more. Such girls do not love you, they just like the idea of being in a relationship. You do not need to be with a woman who says she loves you but never truly makes you feel unappreciated.

2. Nothing is ever her fault

A bond of love never comes without fights, and this may not be something out of the ordinary in the realm of relationships. However, the problem starts to show up when your girl doesn’t recognize or accept her mistakes. She always throws the ball in your court. She is the one constantly pointing fingers at you. Even when it is her fault, she will somehow make it seem like yours. When you try to explain things to her rationally, she will create a drama and resort to emotional blackmailing. Being with such a girl can be mentally and emotionally disturbing. You will always try to justify yourself and inform her about her mistakes instead of having her accepting them on her own, but she will never pay heed to your concerns. Leave, she is not the right girl for you.

3. Inconsistency is one of her many bad traits

When you love someone, you always make time for them. You will not find excuses to avoid them. Girls are usually overly romantic and emotional, and they are the ones who make little efforts to make their guy feel special. On the other hand, if your girl often gives you reasons for not meeting or not attending your calls, then don’t accept this “normal.” No, it’s not normal. It’s actually very alarming. When a girl is in love with someone, she will want to spend as much time as she can with her partner. She will not hide behind the curtains. Look closely, there will be a massive difference in her attitude when she is genuinely not able to meet you or take your call and when she’s merely trying to avoid you for no reason.

4. She is not kind to others

We always expect a man to act decent and sophisticated. We expect him to treat everyone with respect. But guys should keep their eyes open and note the behavior of their partners once they are out with them. She should treat people, with respect and humility. If she is not gentle with them, then she is merely faking her niceness around you. It is a rather simple task to pretend and be kind to the one you claim to love, but a girl who is genuinely excellent and mannered will be sweet to the rest of the people around her.

5. She isn’t supportive

A girl who doesn’t see herself with you in the future will never be supportive of your future plans and goals. She will criticize your goals and make you feel like they are not achievable. She will be finding ways to demoralize you. When a girl wants to be a part of your future, she helps you and guides you to do better and to pursue your goals. For her, your happiness and dreams matter the most. It’s a red flag that cannot be avoided at any cost. You need to stay focused and follow your goals rather than listen to someone who is determined to take down the entire relationship with her ingenuine gestures of love and care.

Realize that she does not even come close to the girl who you could consider the right match for you. If she genuinely loves you, her love will shine through her words and her actions. Don’t wait for her to have a change of heart and instead, wait for the girl you actually deserve.

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