If You Do These 5 Things, You’re The Problem With Your Relationship

#2. You have a better relationship with your cellphone than with your boyfriend.

Self-awareness is always an important attribute that every human being must possess if they want to find success in their relationships. They must always be aware of the effects that they can give off to the people that they are around. They have to know whether they are being charming or annoying, respectful or rude, endearing or disturbing. If you just happen to be a person who lacks in self-awareness, then you really need to work on improving that aspect of your life. You never know when you might be that person who is causing so much stress to a relationship, and you could potentially destroy it.

If you are self-aware, then you start picking up some things about yourself that you are able to correct in the long run. You will be able to make the necessary adjustments to remedy any problems that you may be causing; and by extension, you will be maintaining the sanctity of any relationships that you may be having. However, if you remain oblivious to your poor character traits, and the negative effects that you are giving off to people, then you are doomed in life.

1. You place your career before your relationship.

With you, it’s always work that comes first. You place meetings and late nights at the office ahead of your boyfriend. You would rather have a phone call with your boss or with your clients than with your partner. To you, your career is absolutely everything and your relationship is merely an accessory to your life. You don’t necessarily give your partner the kind of respect, love, care, and attention that he deserves.

If you keep doing that, then you might end up losing your relationship in the long run. All you will have in life is that career which you devoted yourself to entirely. If you always place work ahead of your partner, then you are definitely the one who is putting the strain on the relationship.

2. You have a better relationship with your cellphone than with your boyfriend.

Another indication that you are the one who is damaging the relationship is when you don’t ever just place your cellphone down and focus on the company of your partner. You should keep your eyes off of your phone’s screen and keep them glued on your partner’s eyes instead. It would be really disrespectful of you to just be staring at your messages or social media feeds the whole night that you’re out with your partner. He definitely deserves more than just a few nods and laughs.

Eye contact is very important when establishing an emotional connection with another person. If you just want to be looking at your phone the whole night, then you might as well get into a relationship with it instead of your boyfriend.

3. You make him the butt of your jokes in front of your friends.

You think that you are just making an innocent little joke to get a few laughs. You think that you are being funny and that people are enjoying your company because you’ve managed to incorporate humor into the discussion. The problem with your thinking is that you have failed to notice that you deliberately demeaned your boyfriend by making him the butt of your joke.

You have maligned his character right in front of your friends, and you did it for such selfish reasons. You are causing serious damage to his ego, and by extension, you are damaging the relationship as well. You are essentially telling your boyfriend that you are perfectly fine with disrespecting him in public as long as it boosts your ego.

4. You don’t appreciate him as much as you really should.

Another sign that you are the real problem in the relationship is when you just take your boyfriend for granted. You don’t really express your love or gratitude to him all that often. You grow complacent because he is always there for you.

He loves you with all his heart and his love for you is so commonplace that you no longer give it the value that it really deserves. He also needs to know that what he does for you is valued and appreciated, but you never indulge him. It breaks his heart every day. He is practically killing himself for you and you won’t even throw him a bone.

5. You explode at him whenever he can’t return a text message or a phone call right away.

If there’s one thing that you should know about men, it’s that they never like to be controlled or micromanaged. You have to allow them the space and freedom to be their own man. You have to let them grow and develop as individuals so that they can become stronger and better human beings.

If you are always suffocating them and getting on their case whenever they don’t include you in their lives, then you are essentially killing the relationship as well.

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