How Do You Trust Someone Again After They Hurt You?

Can you ever trust someone again after they hurt you? It much depends on how important the person is to you and how they hurt you. If they broke your trust on a massive level, I wouldn’t give them a second chance. To me, faith is the most essential thing in the world. And if someone close to me breaks my faith, I let them go and allow myself to move on and be happy without the negativity in my life. Now, let’s move on to the answer.

It much depends on their intentions and their actions. If they didn’t mean to hurt you, you should forgive them. If they cut you intentionally, then that’s a different discussion altogether. Some mistakes are forgiven; some aren’t. It’s not hard to tell them apart, either. Let’s talk about the most common form of hurt.

How Do You Trust Someone Again After They Cheat On You?

Trust someone again after they hurt you

Cheating is one of the vilest acts a human being can take part in. Breaking someone’s trust without any care of their reaction or their emotions, just the thought of that feeling scares the life out of me. I can’t trust someone again after they break it so badly. So, if someone cheats on you, think about how important they are to you. Try talking to them about it; maybe it has a deeper meaning to it, perhaps there are other smaller intricacies at play here.

Life isn’t black and white, people make mistakes, and people ask for forgiveness. Forgiving someone is always going to be the higher road to take; there’s no doubt about that. If you can’t keep them in your life because your mind can’t trust them again, forgive them and let them go. That’s going to be the best thing for you and your happiness.

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