‘I Left My Baby in the Car While I Went Shopping – People are Furious’

A mum was slammed online after she revealed that she left her baby in the car and went shopping.

Bonnie Engle, a digital creator, and mum-of-three, took to her Instagram and shared a video that showed a handwritten sign placed in the open car window that read,

“My baby is OK. He has his snacks and his drink!! I’m in Target.”

The words ‘OK’, ‘Target’ and ‘be back soon’ were underlined thrice so they caught the attention of many passersby.

“Please no judgement, he is safe and well,” Bonnie wrote alongside her viral video on Instagram.

While furious viewers continued watching the video expecting there would appear a child inside the car having their milk, the video then showed a fully grown-up man sitting in the driving seat sipping on his iced coffee and eating popcorn, looking absolutely unimpressed.

The clip that was ‘meant as a joke’ amassed over 30 million views on Instagram, with thousands of people commenting on it.

In the comment section, many viewers claimed to have felt really upset as soon as they saw the sign, however, took a sigh of relief after realizing that it was a funny reel and the Bonnie didn’t leave her ‘baby’ in the car unattended.

“My heart dropped and then I LMaO,” one wrote.

“For a second I was about to get really upset… I was not expecting that,” a second said.

“You should really consider leaving your baby with a baby sitter at home if you can’t manage to take him with you lol totally judging,” a third joked.

“So for a crazy fact – in FL you are allowed leave a baby, yes a baby in the car up to 15 mins . How do I know, I was that person that freaked out when I seen a screaming baby at 10pm in the car by himself, called cops and they looked at me crazy and told me it’s legal. SMH,” another viewer added.

“Ever look at other people’s content and get so mad because you didn’t think of it first?” someone joked.

“Woman learning they can get man to do almost anything as long as they provide snacks,” another chimed in.

“Those are not enough snacks for a Target stop. Do you even care about your baby? Are you deliberately trying to starve him? Unbelievable,” one sarcastic user said.

“I was about to get really angry, like I would literally call you out if you would have left your real baby in the car. FYI, you don’t joke about leaving a baby alone in the car because it is not in good taste,” said someone else.

“Let’s make a video mocking one of the leading causes of infant/toddler deaths… for likes,” commented another viewer.

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