If These 11 Things Apply To Your Boyfriend, Then You’ve Found A Real Man

Let’s call a spade a spade here. There are too many boys out there in the dating world who are masquerading as real men even though they’re just insecure little puppies on the inside. You know the type. They’re the players and douchebags who talk a big game but actually do nothing to back it up. These are the types of boys who don’t know how to conduct themselves; the kind of boys who have no idea how to treat a lady.

You need to steer clear of these boys and only latch yourself on to a real man. You can’t allow yourself to ever be with someone who is only going to end up wasting your time. You want to be in a relationship with a guy who actually knows how relationships work. You want to be in love with someone who truly understands what love is. You want to be with a real man. But how do you know what a real man looks like? Well, here are a few signs that you might want to keep in mind.

1. He always practices good hygiene.

He takes care of himself. He knows that self-care is very important and that self-love is essential when it comes to dating and relationships. He really makes a conscious effort to keep himself well-groomed and healthy.

2. He has a solid career going on for him.

He has a really solid career and professional life going on for him. He is self-sufficient and he really knows what it takes to survive in this world. He has great ambitions and he knows just how much hard work and effort he’s going to have to put in to find success in life.

3. He takes initiative in dating.

He doesn’t wait around for you to make the move. He is interested in you and he doesn’t hesitate to make that interest known to you and to other people.

4. He reads books and newspapers.

He isn’t just someone who sits on his butt and watches random Netflix movies and browses through his social media feeds on his spare time. He takes the time to enrich his mind by reading books and newspapers. He watches documentaries and immerses himself in high-art pieces

5. He listens to you whenever you talk.

He always makes it a point to really pay attention to you whenever you talk. And he isn’t just acting like he’s listening. He really does pay attention to what you’re saying. And more importantly, he takes note of the things that you tell him.

6. He communicates clearly and effectively.

He isn’t a man who is known to mince his words. He always says what’s on his mind and in his heart. He doesn’t toy around with you at all. He isn’t looking to play games with you. He would never want to keep you in the dark about anything. He wouldn’t force you to play mind games with him.

7. He never lies to you.

He always makes it a point to stay honest and true with you. He would never lie to you because he wants to always be on your good side. He wants to always earn your trust. He understands that a relationship between the two of you would never work out if there is on mutual trust there.

8. He carves time out of his schedule for you.

He doesn’t expect you to be the one who always adjusts for him. He knows that if he’s going to have you in his life, then he’s going to have to be willing to make some adjustments to his schedule as well. He knows that this is all part of his desire to accommodate you into his heart.

9. He has other genuine passions and interests outside of the relationship.

He isn’t the kind of guy who is just going to be purely about the relationship. He certainly has other passions and interests in life. He has other things going on for him. He doesn’t place too much pressure on you or the relationship to give him a sense of meaning and fulfillment at all times.

10. He handles his finances well.

He isn’t the kind of guy who would just willingly spend all of his money on flashy toys just to impress the people around him. He understands the importance of fiscal responsibility. And he knows that money is something that is to be valued and used responsibly.

11. He isn’t looking for a woman to take care of him.

He is the one who wants to take care of the woman he’s with. He’s the kind of guy who would always make an effort in ensuring your overall comfort and happiness. He would really do anything that he could just to make sure that you are feeling satisfied and fulfilled with him.

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