If You Keep Doing These 11 Things, You Will Be Single Forever

You’re in your quarter-life. It’s a Friday night and you’re just itching to go out. You call up your friend, but they say that they’ve got a date. You call up another friend but they say they’ve decided to stay in with their boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s the same kind of story with practically any friend you call up. And you’re sick of it.

Everyone seems to be dating. Everyone seems to be in some kind of relationship except for you. And you just want to change that but you can’t figure it out. You don’t know what to do. You aren’t necessarily sure of what you need to be doing in order for you to find more success in your romantic life.

Relax. You’re not alone. You’re not the only one who struggles with finding love. There are so many other people who are just like you even though that might seem hard to believe.

The truth is that it’s always going to be a different case for everyone. There is no secret formula to just making anyone fall in love with you. Love doesn’t work that way. You’re going to have to adjust depending on who you’re actually interacting with.

However, there are some things that you should definitely AVOID doing if you genuinely want to find more success in your dating life. There are just some bad habits that don’t sit well with most people. And that’s why you must make a concerted effort to avoid doing a lot of the things that are going to be listed here.

If you keep on doing these 12 things, then you’re likely to be single forever.

1. You demand way too much from people.

It’s okay to have certain demands when you get into a relationship with someone. However, for the most part, you really need to be flexible. You need to be more adaptable. You can’t be too demanding or else you will come off like a control freak.

2. Your expectations are just too high.

Manage your expectations well. Be reasonable with what you expect out of your partner and your relationship. Understand that the two of you are only human and that you both have your fair share of limitations.

3. You don’t think it important to change anything about yourself.

You are not perfect despite what you may believe. There are definitely a lot of parts about you that need improvement. And that’s why you shouldn’t think that it’s not important for you to change a few bad habits or traits that you might have in life.

4. You date the people who are wrong for you.

Sometimes, people make the mistake of dating the same kind of person over and over again and they wonder why things never work out. Break out of that cycle. Don’t get stuck in it. Branch out a little more and date people outside of what you typically know or are familiar with.

5. You don’t pick up on cues.

Self-awareness helps a lot. You always need to be aware of the kind of vibe that you are giving off to other people. If not, then you’re going to have substantial difficulty picking up on their cues.

6. You take a pessimistic approach to dating.

Dating isn’t easy. But it’s not all that dreadful. And if you keep approaching your dates as if they’re just going to end up in failure anyway, then perhaps you’re just not built to be in a relationship yet.

7. You think that love is enough to sustain a relationship.

Love alone is never going to be enough to sustain a relationship. That’s something that you have to be able to figure out right away. Just because you love one another doesn’t mean that you are assured of a relationship that is definitely going to last.

8. You believe you are too old to be dating.

No one is ever too old to find love. Even if you’re approaching your 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on, you always have a shot at finding love with someone. You just have to believe in yourself and open your heart up more.

9. You get discouraged way too easily.

Love isn’t always going to be perfect. In fact, you should expect a few heartaches and disappointments along the way. However, you shouldn’t let that get you down. You shouldn’t let a few setbacks completely discourage you from pursuing love.

10. You overcomplicate dating.

You don’t always have to be overcomplicating everything when you’re trying to date someone. Yes, you want to stay vigilant because you want to keep yourself guarded. But ultimately, you don’t want to be too rigid. You don’t have to overthink everything.

11. You think love will solve all your problems.

Newsflash: love isn’t a magic pill that is going to solve all of the problems in your life. And the sooner that you accept that, the better. You can’t expect love to just magically make your life perfect instantly.

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