If Your Girl Does These 14 Things, Then She’s The Best Girl For You

She’s the one.

1. She believes in your potential to do great things.

She doesn’t pity you or treats you as someone who is beneath her. Nor does she put you on a pedestal, either. She understands that you are a flawed and imperfect human being who can do great things, and she wants to help you maximize your potential.

2. She supports you with whatever you want to do.

She knows that you have your personal goals and dreams. She would never want to serve as a hurdle or as some roadblock to you. She always wants to be pushing you towards your ambitions, even if it sometimes means she has to make compromises of her own.

3. She constantly makes it a point to check up on you.

Not that she doesn’t think that you can’t take care of yourself. She wants to be able to take care of you. She wants always to show you that she cares about you and that the expression of her feelings isn’t just limited to words.

4. She pays attention to whatever it is you have to say.

She understands that communication is always going to be important in a relationship. But more importantly, she also understands that communication involves both talking and listening. She knows that she can’t be the only one who needs to be doing the talking. She respects what you have to say, and she will always pay you the attention you deserve.

5. She shows up whenever you need her.

She understands that beyond your romantic relationship, you must also have a developed partnership. She knows that you need o to be there for one another whenever you’re stuck in times of need. She finds it necessary always to show up whenever you call for her help.

6. She stays honest with you even if it hurts.

She knows that no relationship is ever going to survive without honesty. She is always going to make it a point to stay honest with you. She will always tell you the truth because she respects you, and she would never see you as a lesser person who is only worthy of lies.

7. She trusts you always to be faithful to her.

If she’s always honest with you, she expects you to afford her the same kind of courtesy. She will always trust you enough to tell her the truth even when it’s inconvenient for you to do so. She wants you to respect her the same way she respects you.

8. She lives her individual life.

She doesn’t make her whole life just about the relationship. She still lives her own life as an individual. She knows her self-worth, and she understands that it should never be tied to the relationship alone. She is a strong and independent woman who has built a life that she can be proud of.

9. She gives you the freedom to live your own life as well.

In the same way that she lives her own life, she also gives you the freedom and the space to do the same. She would never want to suffocate you with her love. She would never want to make you feel like you are being held back or constrained.

10. She shows you off to the world because she’s proud of you.

She isn’t afraid to show you off to the world. She would willingly have you tag along to dinner parties with the family or friends because she isn’t ashamed of you. She’s proud of you, and she wants the whole world to know that you’re in love with one another.

11. She makes an effort with the people you love the most.

She knows that there are people in your life who came before her, and she would never disrespect that. She would make it a point to always make an effort with these people because she knows just how important they are to you.

12. She stays consistent with you.

She’s not hot and cold. She’s not unreliable. She’s the kind of girl you can count on to be consistent. She makes sure that she’s there for you constantly, not just during the times when it’s convenient.

13. She doesn’t try to be someone else.

She is always honest with you. She always makes it a point to show you that she’s genuine. She would never mislead you or cheat you of who she is. She willingly reveals her true colors to you because she wants you to know who it is you’re dealing with.

14. She doesn’t force you to be anyone else either.

And she also doesn’t treat you like some project that she wants to change. She loves you for who you are, and she wouldn’t want things to be any different.

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