If Your Girl Sends You These 50 Texts, Then Marry Her

26. “I don’t understand this spell that you have on me.”

She considers you to be a magician with the way that you are able to entrance her with your charm and wit. Obviously, she is smitten by you.

27. “I’m looking at the stars and they remind me of how much brighter you make my life.”

You’re the star of her life. You bring a lot of brightness to even her darkest days.

28. “It’s not an understatement when I say that you mean the world to me.

This might be one of the most overused love statements in the world. But that doesn’t mean that it should be belittled. She’s telling you that she wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. She’s telling you that YOU are her whole world.

29. “I hope your day is as nice as your butt!”

Never underestimate a woman with a great sense of humor. This can go a really long way in a romantic relationship between two people.

30. “Your flaws are part of who you are and it’s you I’m in love with.”

There’s no pressure for you to be any other way than how you really are. She loves every part of you. Even when you’re feeling flawed and insecure, she’s telling you that she’s still going to love you.