Man Becomes Suspicious of Girlfriend After She Marries a Female Character in Skyrim

Videogames and jealousy in relationships don’t go together – they break things apart. Such is the case of today’s Reddit story where a man in his 20s is suspicious of his girlfriend after she married a female character in the massively popular videogame Skyrim.

The Story

This man posted his story originally on AITA (Am I the A**hole?) but it has since been deleted. Luckily, it went viral and a lot of people reshared the story because of how “unique” is it. The boyfriend wrote:

“We’re both in our 20’s and living together during quarantine. My girlfriend has been playing Skyrim for the first time and married Serana. For context, I’m a dude and she’s a (supposedly) straight woman.”

“I personally feel uneasy about this. For starters, I know she would have to install a mod specifically to make Serana marriable. It also makes me question her sexuality, I feel like maybe she’s hiding something from me. When I asked her about it she said that Serana was just the most interesting character and she was still straight, and that it’s a video game and it doesn’t matter. I still think it’s weird because I couldn’t see myself marrying a dude in a video game. I asked her if she could try and find a divorce mod and marry someone else and she laughed at me. I don’t like that she isn’t considering my feelings. AITA?”

The Responses on Twitter

Twitter user @tauriqmoosa reposted this story and that’s where everyone came to respond to the original post.

@McAwesum wrote:

“God the insecurity of this dude is astounding. I am a straight dude and I would absolutely marry a man in a game if I thought he was the most interesting option. That doesn’t make me gay. If I play as a woman character that doesn’t make me a woman does it? Who frilled cares”

@Melpinthe3rd commented:

“This is kind of laughable considering he’s okay with his girlfriend marrying some other guy in a video game. What’s the difference if it’s a woman or not. Someone is simply being paranoid I think…”

@RaulMiranda1981 chimed in:

“I married a dude in this game, purely because I felt bad rejecting him. He just accosted me on some street corner, asked if I liked him, I said yes, and he was all ‘its settled then! Meet you at the church tomorrow’. Been with him for months now, and it’s going OK.”

@Vaelgraev spoke pure facts:

“So a man is gonna reevaluate his relationship over pixels marrying pixels? Let alone got his feelings hurt over the pixels not getting divorced.”

This tweet went viral, read all of the replies on Twitter here.

What’s Your Take?

What’s your take on this situation? Let us know in the comments below.


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